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Through years of observation, it turns out that people are very much the same, with similar motivations. Yet dichotomies exist, such as between Ying and Yang, also extroversion or introversion. Another dichotomy between people irrespective of gender is that of Maker and Doer.

The Maker specializes in focusing on one task, while the Doer often multitasks, or switches between tasks. The Maker does better in a management setting, or in an environment that allows for independence. The Doer more often seeks to help others, or please people. The Maker is more career-oriented, while the Doer is more family-oriented. This means that the Maker is often more successful at earning money, while the Doer is better at taking care of children. The Maker tends to be more principled, and can know exactly what they want, while the Doer often seeks approval and learns from real-life experiences.

The need for power or praise might make people conclude that Makers are thinkers, while Doers are feelers, though that is not the case. It is often that the Maker is placed in a leadership role, while the Doer acts as a secretary. The love language plays an important role in how society develops, and the transition of historical periods.

Affirmation is the primary love language found in the majority of people, even with Doers. While it makes a great deal of sense for Makers to have affirmation as their primary love language, its presence in many Doers is worth noting. Wealth and poverty exist in all societies, yet the crave for affirmation is ever present. While Makers often turn to business or a higher education as means to make a better living, Doers often turn to making art or music. The entertainment industry is often less respected, and as it happens, Doers more often have the gifting or physical intimacy as their primary love languages, instead of affirmation.

Powerlessness sometimes makes the Doer feel like they have to be like a Maker, especially when they are not getting the proper respect. This is a major drive for revolutions. There is a societal shift when art is less appreciated, and a greater focus is placed on obtaining material goods. An underlying cause is the feeling by the Doer that they are not getting enough attention from the Maker, and a power grab happens. In historical times, leaders often turn to entertainment, philosophy or religion to placate the people, especially in terms of giving proper affirmation to Doers. On the other extreme, a lashing out at capitalist society or higher education has happened, as during the Chinese cultural revolution.

Taking this dichotomy into account, I am:


INFJ - introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging (Ni, Fe, Ti, Se),

Other personality assessments:
Heterosexual male,
Love language order: physical intimacy, affirmation, service, gifting, quality time

Attribute: Teamwork oriented (other two attributes are skill oriented or needs oriented)
Learning style: Experience-visual (other styles are visual, auditory, and experience-auditory)
Body type: Kapha or endomorphic
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