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This week has been nuts.

I sense my life accelerating into something real and it's overwhelming. My academic career has begun and I'm dizzy from all of the opportunities this step entails. My social life has been reborn from the pitiful self-inflicted isolation of last term, bringing about new problems and decisions to be made.

It's also time for me to think of a career, and how I can make an effective plan to accomplish my professional goals. I know I need to be a scientist, but does that mean I won't have time to also be a musician, a husband, and perhaps a father? I know that it doesn't literally, but the debate between where to draw the line between professional and personal wants/needs is still a hotly contested one.

I've also been embracing my more spiritual side. With jnfluences like the Doors film and listening to the Wall for the first time (at least the first time listening to the lyrics), I've pondered the meaning and existance and inherent value of being human. How can this seemingly one and only life be optimized? Is that even relevent? Or does it not matter? Meditation and a reflection on my values seems to be useful in this sense.

Today I started my search for a job on campus. I can already tell it won't be too hard finding a job in something at least moderately interesting. But I found a brilliant job offer at a rehab clinic a couple miles away that intrigues me... I just wonder whether my recent addictive behavior is a plus or a detriment. But I am honest in my desire for proper health, so I'm optimistic that this could be mutually beneficial! And it'll look great for a med school application.

This is my explosion of thought for now. I'm going to apply for that job and finish up a paper that's holding my Slavic score from last term as an I... Peace and love, anyone reading this! :proud:
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