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What positive and negative things have you observed by interacting with people online (or simply by watching the behavior of others?) How do you think these things influence real life?
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Intriguing questions.

Positive: In general real life and online interactions affect each other. What's happening in real life affects what people post about and what they say. For me, a lot of my online activity won't get talked about to peers or people I see in real-time, but sometimes I use facebook to share things I wouldn't in status updates that I wouldn't say in conversation to people in my real-time social circles. For example: I am trying to go vegetarian...I am pretty scared to tell certain people about I just made a status update about it. :cool:

Observation: One interesting idea I've heard is that people nowadays are more willing to make friendships and form bonds with people of similar interests online than real life....even to the point of replacing relationships with people who are in the same room. I do this to a certain extent....but not extremely.

Positive: Getting thanks (or likes on facebook) somehow energizes much as I don't like to think I live for other peoples' approval....getting thanks on here or replies to things I do online makes me feel good.

Negative: There's a lot of general things that are said like people will say harsher things online...cyber bullying...whether their name is attached or not.

Positive: But I also think people may say richer things online too than what would be said in conversation. I like to use online as an outlet to do that personally or to go into things in more detail.

Lots of people like to make witty comments, and I like to read them myself! :p

That's about all for now...
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