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What positive and negative things have you observed by interacting with people online (or simply by watching the behavior of others?) How do you think these things influence real life?
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Negative or positive: Social relations are fast-paced. You are exposed to finding more people with whom you can relate or not relate. This can quickly influence real life in a good way (meeting life long friends or a SO) or a bad way (emotional affairs, catfishing, etc.) At the same time, online relations are disposable and a bit of a facade. People let you see what they want you to see, we aren't shown their negative traits that you see in real life (like picking their nose, body odor, bad manners, etc.)

On forums I always notice a small group of women who are in the race to be the most desired. They normally are very beautiful and constantly have this need to affirmation. If someone else posts a picture (and they are good looking, or receive a lot of attention from it), you can bet one of these attention seeking women will post a picture right afterward. It's sort of an Alpha-Female issue I suppose (same goes with the argumentative feminists.) It's just an odd observation.

What I do like about forums, is that the personalities behind the screennames ARE actually a huge glimpse of what is going on in that person's mind. Even the trolls ... a person who enjoys creating chaos. They may not be like that in real life, but if they are doing it online ... they are thinking it.

Another observation comes from playing games. I had gotten involved in a couple of social games b/c it was a way for me to socialize with real life friends, but the real problem was the perverts. What I have learned is how kids lie about their age in order to join an adult server; obviously if they are young enough to play the game, their parents are either clueless or don't care. I've seen so much inappropriate behavior from both kids and adults. Still, I won't allow that to negate from my own experience to be able to chat with my friends (hence blocking and reporting the behavior.) The other problem with some of these social games ... it can become a person's life. That can be positive if they don't have a life, but negative when it affects their real life (takes away time they can spend with real friends, SO or kids.)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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