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So, my results are all over the place, and every time I take the test I really try to be as sincere as possible, but... UGH WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!?!?!
The reasons I would believe my results:
  • I'm supposed to have a strong set of values, and I do, though they are unconventional (e.g., I actually forgot about this fact, but I lie all the time to get out of trouble or to not hurt people's feelings... lying is so easy, and I don't do it as much now, but I definitely did when I was younger). For example, I refuse to take credit for other people's work, and sometimes frantically interrupt people so that they know where credit rightly belongs. I also have a lot of learning integrity, so no cheating or using hints or getting help because I only have a right to the information I curate from textbooks and lectures without aid. [In general, my standards are only applied to myself.]
  • I can understand people pretty easily, and I'm great at catching liars. I actually get pissed when people lie to me and I can catch them. I feel sort of like, "don't you know who you're lying to? At least be on my level, or else you're just being condescending."
  • I love spontaneity, but with anything important, I think over the decision for at least a couple agonizing hours/day/right up to the deadline.
  • I like spending a lot of time with my friends, but I need to know I'm valued.
  • I enjoy making new friends and conversation

The seeds of doubt:
  • I can't write persuasive essays for shit. My English teachers say I'm insightful, but insecure/perfectionist about my writing so I end up not writing very much. I think I just suck at the organization of my thoughts into cogent essays, and I take an age to come to conclusions.
  • After a bout of socialization, I retreat into novels and video games and staring at my ceiling/daydreaming. I like chatting, but I get completely exhausted if I'm not getting as much as I give to conversations, and I give a lot.
  • And I know this one is silly, but I am not interested in a reserved INTJ type of person. I need to be shown AND told that I'm adored.
  • And this is another silly one, but both my sisters who played a substantial role in raising me, and who I emulate to a high degree are ISTJ... My opposite, if I'm actually ENFP.

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