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I've noticed how a couple of my favourite comedy duos seem to rely on "odd couple" pairings and I'm trying to find a list of the 8 pairs of opposite types e.g. (INTP/ESFJ), in tv, film or ficton. My typing might not be spot on, but so far I have:

Absolutely Fabulous - I think Saffy is INFJ and Patsy (and possibly Edina) are ESTPs

Big Bang Theory - Sheldon is INTJ (or INTP), and Penny is ESFP

Happy go Lucky (film)
The main character (Poppy) comes across as ENFP to me, while Scott her driving instructor feels like ISTJ. This isn't fully comedy (more awkward).

What do you think? Am I way off with my typing? Any other suggestions of opposite pairings? Do you think complete opposites more often than not can be played for laughs? Or do they suggest more of a tragedy?
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