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Orange Is the New Black

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Have you seen this? It's on Netflix. Easily one of the best new comedies airing. What do we think about these characters and their types? The ensemble is great, and the characterization is very consistent, which makes typing a bit easier.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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You currently have 666 posts. Keep that in mind before you post again.
DAMN IT. You ruined it!
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Well I haven't seen the show, but this just popped up on my Facebook feed:

'Orange Is The New Black' Transgender Actress Calls Role 'Complicated' : NPR
I love this show. It's so relevant and complex and fresh. Highly recommended to anyone and everyone.

Warning: these are pretty blind guesses, mostly hunches. Would love to hear more opinions!
Piper: xNFx? Maybe ENFP?
Red: ESTJ, possibly?
Pornstache: ESTP, though more of a stereo/archetype than anything else.
Yoga Jones: ISFP.
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