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Hi guys,

Orelsan is a freaking awesome french rapper, revelation of the year and really appreciate by everybody (except judgefull people !).

He's 29.

He really seems to be an INFP !

I know that french is not easy, but I want to share !

His first album was so true but so pessimistic.

Now, he has a better understanding of life, the second album is awesome, self-critic and optimistic.

And you can just listen music and not lyrics !

Try it !

- La terre est ronde
- Suicide social
- Le chant des sirènes
- Finir mal
- La morale

Eminem could be an INFP ?

If not, can you just told me one ? (rapper)

I really hope that you will enjoy this.

See you later !
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I just listen my mind in his all album.

And he's 29 so I can see everything earlier, and understand my life better.

Now, it's time to take ideas, and just go in the real world !

Let's GO !

PS : maybe somebody can translate ? :D Ok i go back on earth...
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