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I'm veeeeeery late at the party, but I must establish the truth. I'm a french-speaker and I can say with certainty he's not an INFP but he's an ISFP. His song lyrics are Se-Ni, most of the time focused around the concrete world, sometimes with deeper insights about life. That's an ISFP way of thinking.

Some translated lyrics from "La Terre Est Ronde":
Why doing today what we can do later?
All we want is to make the best off of this moment
We bloom in the light of the night
All we want is to live now

And from "Basique":
The smartest people aren't always the ones who talk better (simple)
Politicians have to lie otherwise you wouldn't vote for them (basic)
If you often say you have no problem with alcohol, it's because you have it (simple)
Not a good idea to make children with people you don't know well (basic)"

These are insights (Ni) about the concrete world (Se), which a lot of people confuse for Ne. ISFPs aren't unable to use metaphors too or to make connections. They just do it in a different way.

For his enneagram type, I think he's most probably a 6w7, there's a very frequent focus in his songs on lack of security and certainty in the world we live in, being very critical and defensive towards it, all this with a touch of humor.
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