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Our Mental Prison

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I came across this in my sub feed, thought I'd pass it on to my fellow INFP's...

The basic premise is that due to conditioning from our social environment, we suppress unwanted emotions and actions by tensing our muscles and restricting our breathing. Anyone who has engaged in mindfulness meditation for regularly probably knows that once we let ourselves breathe fully, and let our muscles relax, suppressed emotions surface... Joy, rage, sadness, sexual responses, etc.

And so one of the keys to authenticity is releasing chronic muscular tension, through free-association expression (like in the video), exercises designed to release specific emotions/inclinations, or mindfulness mediation centered around releasing tension.

If anyone is interested in exploring the hypotheses (and exercises) behind the above video I highly recommend;

Joy By Alexander Lowen, and In an unspoken voice By Peter Levine.

Please share any thoughts you have on the relationship between physiology and psychology.
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Thought I'd leave another fav video...

I don't understand this, could you elaborate please?
I do believe in what the overall aim Mr Eliot is trying to do, but maybe his words verbally is invalidating what he is trying to achieve. But to me, addressing the after effect of your body rather than stopping the true cause is still not a great way to lead a good life.
I'm aware of the things you mentioned BTW. I've done acupuncture, tai chi, and chi kung.
I prefer the term "spirituality". It gives you a vibrancy.
Let me take you on a journey to the East...
He's very popular on youtube amongst the 'self development' and fitness crowd, and he's released videos as 'crazy' as that repeatedly. :happy:

Part of why he says he does it is for 'social proof', a lot of people are scared of looking 'foolish' 'silly' or being authentic, so he partly does it so people feel less shame about wanting to express themselves freely.

His video does make him look a little bit loopy. His choice of words are also a little bit nonsensical. It is not likely to get people to follow him especially when he himself just said that he looks like a crazy man doing it.
I admit, written in text it comes across as gibberish. But I understand what he's trying to convey intuitively based on metaphor, and knowing the context.

He speaks pure N and F, There is no hint of S or T lol.

"but you're also holding back the joy the receiving of life" (Dramatic much? LOL)
Yeah I suppose that made sense to me because of read Lowen. (Without being pompous, that's honestly probably why it didn't make me cringe.)

Why doesn't he just summarise and say:
He speaks with a lot of metaphor, and emotion. I can see how his style wouldn't appeal to some. His words made sense to me, however.

To me, I have always understood what "energy" means. Or what a lot of people call "chi" in the West. In the Chinese written word, it is equivalent meaning as energy, or "Air". When Air inside of you is balanced, you feel more joyful, light-hearted and happier overall. Both body, mind, and spirit. :)
Just to clarify he doesn't mean just mean chi. I've research and practiced internal martial arts and chi kung, and I've research Lowen and bioenergetics (where Elliot gets his ideas) and there is overlap but it's definitely not the same.

That is why as I said, he seems to be tackling the effect of things which brought him to this point and not addressed what caused them to begin with. i.e. working over long hours and stressed over long period of times, and eating badly, sleeping badly.... Solution would be to reduce number of hours. Eat healthier. Have less distractions. Lead much simpler life.
I think there are different ways to enact change. And human beings have the uncanny phenomenon of knowing how to change their lives for the better, but not having the internal motivation to do so.

One of the ways of cultivating that internal motivation (according to bioenegetics) is to release trapped inclinations. One of the insights that resonated with me was that suppressed aggression, also suppresses the drive to exert effort to reach goals.

Think less!
That's what Elliot was advocating. :tongue:

I come across as an nuthugger, and I am - to a degree - but I'm a big fan of the hypotheses behind somatic psychotherapy.
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