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Our Mental Prison

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I came across this in my sub feed, thought I'd pass it on to my fellow INFP's...

The basic premise is that due to conditioning from our social environment, we suppress unwanted emotions and actions by tensing our muscles and restricting our breathing. Anyone who has engaged in mindfulness meditation for regularly probably knows that once we let ourselves breathe fully, and let our muscles relax, suppressed emotions surface... Joy, rage, sadness, sexual responses, etc.

And so one of the keys to authenticity is releasing chronic muscular tension, through free-association expression (like in the video), exercises designed to release specific emotions/inclinations, or mindfulness mediation centered around releasing tension.

If anyone is interested in exploring the hypotheses (and exercises) behind the above video I highly recommend;

Joy By Alexander Lowen, and In an unspoken voice By Peter Levine.

Please share any thoughts you have on the relationship between physiology and psychology.
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As a practitioner of my own meditation techniques as well as a little bit of tai chi both as forms of stress relief through breathing as well as thought management I think there is a very clear connection between the physiological and psychological. I also try and maintain an active exercise program, nothing too strenuous just walking and stretching and I've found that by carrying this out it lessens the effects that depression and stress has on me.

I've also recently come across some videos that relate to this matter as well.

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