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I'm a very confused 18 y/o NTP female. I used to think that I'm an INTP since I did the test a few years ago, but I also got INFP once or twice, plus I also got INTJ many time. But at the moment what I'm sure of is that I'm an xNTP.
The last time I did the keys2cognition test I got ENTP but I was quick to dismiss the idea.

I know that I'm an introvert, and I am an awkward shy person, but I also think that compared to other INTPs I see online, I'm actually kinda outgoing and I do stuff.

Here are a lot of pointers, good luck reading all of this (sorry)

- I never really knew what I wanted to study in the future. Every year I would find something a new interesting thing.
- In grade 12 I decided on computer science and I got accepted into this field. But then I spontaneously decided on medicine just out of sheer curiosity. I just wanted to know whether i would be able to do it or not. I'm a 2nd year medical student now lol. I just knew that if i didn't, I would spend my whole life asking myself if I could have become a good doctor or not.
- As a child I was awkward but I was very friendly around others.
- I loved stories so much, I started reading Agatha Christie's books when I was 8.
- I have a good memory and can some things like scenes or dreams clearly.
- I applied for a position in the student council in my school and I became a vice-president.
- I was forced to give a speech to become a secretary in my college and I did and according to others it was a nice one.
-I'm thinking of becoming president next year, I'm awkward when it comes to interactions but I can still do it.
-In middle school I left my group of friends for the popular ones. I regretted that a few years later and managed to become friends with them again.
-So yeah I was a douchebag who wanted to be popular.
-I relate to the INTP chameleon behavior.
-I like making friends, when the new freshmen came I managed to talk to many of them (though not alone) and I was happy about it.
-After sitting for a long time with others till late at night I can't go straight to bed, I would have to sit and relax by myself and get some alone time.
- However I can't spend a whole day alone, I would have to talk to someone in person.
- when I get stressed, especially during the exams, I would go visit a lot of friends in the dorms.
- I hate very pessimistic or very optimistic ones.
- I'm an optimist pessimist.
- I look forwards to spending time with friends if they were close.
- I like coming up with new ideas (except when we have to brainstorm in class or something my brain shuts down).
- I'm picky about stuff like grammar and proper punctuation and use of words although my English isn't my first language.
- I used to be called a walking encyclopedia or a dictionary by some teachers.
- My friends keep asking me where I keep getting useless trivia from.
- When answering a message or a letter I would break down the message and answer each part separately.
- I can think of all the possible consequences of a particular decision.
- I hate conflict, and because I don't get exposed much to it, I tend to cry a lot.
- I don't mind slightly offending people I don't like much. I might care a bit afterwards and think of apologizing but I won't care later.
- When I meet people for the first time, I either dislike them or I have no feelings towards them.
- I disliked most of my college friends at the beginning.
- My friends joke that I don't like people and I'm cold and mean.
- I slightly dislike people I can't read because their intentions are never clear. However I'm good at reading people.
- I forgive but I never forget.
- I'm a logical person.
- I hate being bound by other people or by a specific routine.
- I walk too fast, or too slow, even with other people like my family or friends I always have my own pace. And I really hate it when they cling to me so I would walk with them.
- I'm independent.
- I volunteer, not because I want to make an impact although that's a plus. I just want to accumulate many experiences in life or do something useful sometimes.
- I'm an info-gatherer. Somehow I always gather info about the people around me even without trying. My friends think I know everyone in the dorms and their room locations, who they are friends with etc. It's all just basic observation.
- I like thinking games.
- Though I procrastinate when it comes to chores and studies, I still do them. I especially have high standards for myself when it comes to studying though I don't spend as much effort as others. If I don't get high grades I get upset.
- At beginning of 1st year I used to sleep through a whole class for the whole semester, I ended up getting the highest mark in it.
- I never do my 100% best, and I still do well, I think I have fear of doing my best and not getting better results.
- I also have imposter syndrome.
- I used to think that as a female my Fe is developed well even if it's my inferior function but someone told me I might be ENTP.
- My dorm room is tidy when you look at it from a far but if you look properly inside (especially in the closets) It's not really.
- When I feel really upset I try to shut down my mind but watching videos so I would stop thinking.
- I have many close friends but there is a barrier at which I keep them.
- I'm often suspicious of other people's intentions.
- I'm quick to judge and withdraw my judgement (even though they turn out correct sometimes).
- These days when I get upset, I try to analyze my feelings and the reasons behind them.
- I don't deal with my feelings once at a time, so I tend to explode sometimes. So if one day I get upset about something small I would cry about all the bad stuff that happened over a while.
- I'm too impatient to perfect an idea before presenting it to others. Before doing something new I would tell someone about it for feedback.
- When I learn something new or interesting, I would research it a bit then go tell my friends about it.
- When I started getting into mbti, I thought of making a database about my classmates and their personality types, and I immediately told my friends about that.
- But I didn't do it lol. Even though I forced a lot of people to do it. I just saved their types in my brain.
- I get into a lot of stuff but I never perfect them. Like piano, history, French an Italian.
- I'm only physically affectionate with my mom, and get irritated when my INFP sister gets too touchy with me. But I don't mind occasional hugs.

I hope these would help and i would appreciate it if you managed to read through the whole post.

Feel free to ask any question if it would help you determine my type.

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my mind tells me you're INTP. I see more of a struggle between T & F instead of a struggle between N & S.

INTPs are more conscious of their Feeling oriented sore-spot which is something you bring up quite a lot in this post. ENTPs are more aware of their Sensing weak spot and are not as concerned about things F related as it is something they are more self confident in and don't feel the need to be as conscious of it.
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