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Outside Looking In...

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Greetings All! :happy:

For some time now, I can't really recall how long, I've been feeling kinda strange and I can't seem to pin down the cause. Most days, I feel as if I'm on the outside looking in at my life. I don't really feel like myself..or, at least, I don't feel like the "normal" me I remember from a few years ago. I feel like I'm inside my mind and my body, but it doesn't feel like *me* for some reason. I wish I could think of a more eloquent way to describe the sensation, but words are failing me at the moment. I've been struggling with self-esteem and self-confidence issues for quite a while...maybe years of doubt and negativity directed toward myself have finally snapped something loose inside my mind.

Thought / opinions? Any and all will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
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I'm feeling the exact same way. I've been really depressed and not really sure what I want in life anymore. Weed helps. lol
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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