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.... yes, I definitly relate with you. Rejection is one of my biggest fears too... It totally got me... crawled into my mind. So I already picture that people will reject me. It makes my withdrawn and avoid people...It holds me back, I can't show my true self.

I have a few good friends, and a loving boyfriend, so, I don't have millions of friends but I have a few I can relate too. I know they won't reject me. But still I can't show everthing, only my deepest thought I share with my bf. He's an INFJ and from the first time we met, it was just wonderfull. I never talk much when meet new people but with him it was all natural.

It is that I already expect people to reject me... mabye it's based on some bad experiences and my negative thoughts about myself. I try to keep my thought's under control, don't let to much negativity in.... it's very hard sometimes because I'm so familiair with those thoughts. I'm also very emotional about it. The feeling of rejection, feel feels heavy. I never been without it. It is hard for me. I don't know if I'll ever overcome this inner fight.
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