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I guess I'll just dive right into the issue,

for the past 7 years I have been struggling to get over extreme emotional abuse that I have suffered from my immediate support group turning against me. In high school I had been in a Ni-Ti loop that lasted 4 years until 2008 when the abuse began. I suspect this forced my Fe to "jump start" but since I have little practice with this function it seems that it is overly sensitive. For example it is hard for me to distinguish others' feelings from my own until I am alone and have time to reflect on the situation. This affects me negatively due to the fact that when people are upset with me I immediately side with them and don't even consider that I might be being treated unfairly until after the fact. I used to rely on my Ti to help me make decisions but now after the abuse I have suffered my Ti is almost non existent due to the high anxiety that i feel on a daily basis. I used to be so detached from other people but now all I see in them is potential to be hurt. I'm sure you've already concluded that my social anxiety is off the charts. I feel like I don't know who I am anymore because my entire life has been turned into how I can possibly predict others feelings so I can be prepared to deal with them. I feel as though I am constantly letting others down and that I will be abandoned again. I always feel as if I am at fault because I "should know better". I am such a push over now and the complete opposite of my former self. Whenever I think about who I have become I am disgusted. I have no conviction or confidence at all. I constantly hide away from everyone so they can't see how fucked up i am and thus everyone thinks I am unreliable and always upset with me, reinforcing all my fears.

I need advice on how to fix this. It is disrupting my ability to attend classes at my college and my ability to complete assignments. I have gone to therapy in the past until school work became to overwhelming, but I doubt it matters because it didn't seem to help much. Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing?
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