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paperclips are crunchy..

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but only if you eat them....! Otherwise you can make them into paperclip chains and use them for home decor...

I am an old, withered enfp of the feminine variety at 33. I am dating a fairly crunchy INTJ who is naturally slightly salted, yet was then rolled in a few layers of Fe sugar, so turns out to be pretty sweet. I am the mom of a 14 yo hygenically challenged ENFP son. All of his friends stink too, so he says.

I also have a three year old presumed INTJ son who corrects my driving, my language, my use of numbers and pushes me out of the way to take over whatever task I am trying to do. He is currently battling the INTJ boyfriend over me, thus I am trapped in an INTJ sandwich. It's very Punny. LOL :)

I have been following MBTI for about ten years, learned about jungian functions about two years ago and received my certification to administer the MBTI in early summer. I am also interested in DISC, NLP, and Jungian concepts that are more nebulous such as archtypes, the concept of the ego, shadow, personas, especially in trying to understand how each MBTI type develops, evolves, and gains access to the Beebe shadows in healthy and unhealthy ways as we age. I am also interested in organizational dynamics and organizational communication patterns between the different MBTI types.

I have lots of very exploratory ideas which I enjoy testing in internet land but I tend to do so in a very Te heavy fashion so lots of folks have described me as being ENTP like. Ideas are how I play via my tertiary relief function, to think up new ideas is simply playtime for me.

(I am also here to stalk a little ENTP genius named Simulated World. He is a wee little one but is exceptionally clever.)

I think that is it... Thanks for having me!
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To fellow PCers: Where's Mr Cafebot?
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Hello, paperclip. I'm also a ENFP, new to the site. Your username makes me happy AND makes me want to sort my messy workspace. :laughing:
Finally, a newbie that understands mbt!

Welcome, welcome.
Welcome to PerC. :happy:
Welcome and enjoy your stay.:happy:
Sounds like you will fit right in
Hiya! Welcome to the forum!
I'm new here too but welcome to the forum.
My my my, please share with us all! :wink:
Welcome and Enjoy! I'm sure you will! :happy:
Welcome to the forum :happy:
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