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Do you know of any good information out there concerning parent/child relationships and MBTI types? I've seen things about how to raise children of a certain type, but I haven't really seen anything that talks about how one certain type should handle their child of another certain type.

I tested my mum last night to try and find her personality type - it's either ISFP or INFP - and we had a 3 hour discussion after it. One of the things we talked quite a lot about was F vs. T and the way we thought about feelings. She said she'd done a bit about it on a college course or something. Different personality types and the difference between thinkers and feelers were discussed and she realised that the reason I didn't talk in terms of emotions so much might be caused by a difference in thinking.
That day, when I came home from school, she asked how I thought my exams went that day (as opposed to how I felt about them). I don't think I noticed at the time, but she said that I looked a bit surprised at having heard her say that. She understood that she'd been going about communicating with me all the wrong way.

The discussion was definitely a big step forward for both of us, but seeing as we might not have the best ideas about how to talk to each other, it would be useful to have some more knowledge about IxFP parent/INTP child relationships.

Is there anything specific you can suggest I look at or is it just a case of studying both types and putting the information together?

Also, if you have any ideas about whether my mum's S or N (or how to figure it out), please tell!

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Have her read a description of Se and Ne and see which one she identifies with more. S and N was the hardest pairing for me to decide on when I first took the test. I always scored pretty high on both. That's before I knew about function theory.

Also, I don't think you're going to find the parent/child information in just one place. I know in books like Type Talk, in each profile they would describe how each type might interact as parent and child. There might be some websites like this that talk about the portraits of type and how they interact in relationships.

Also, I think you should just study your mother's type, once you pinpoint it, just keep reading up about it, and I know for sure that you'll learn something about her.
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