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Are you the parent of a child who has been diagnosed as displaying ‘callous unemotional’ traits?
Was your child given a callous-unemotional diagnosis, and has shown a behavioural improvement, either due to treatment, or independently?
Or are you the parent of a CU child, who has grown up to be diagnosed as an adult with psychopathic traits?

As part of a ground-breaking night of factual programming for leading UK broadcaster Channel 4, Oxford Film and Television are making a programme about the realities of children who display callous-unemotional traits.

Although the programme on CU children is part of a wider project about psychopathy, we are keen to show the realities of callous-unemotional children; the difficulties of parenting, living with, or being a CU child, the therapies and treatments that are available, and the admittedly wide range of possible long term outcomes for these children. We also want to explore the science behind callous-unemotional behaviour – the possible genetic and neurological causes that are currently being researched – and address the prejudices that these children and their parents face.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of this topic, we will take all possible steps to ensure the anonymity of you and your child, and work closely with leading experts in this field to ensure that your story is told sensitively and accurately.

If you would like to know more about this project, please send your details to research(at)oftv(dot)co(dot)uk and a producer will return your email.

Please be assured that all correspondence will be treated in strictest confidence.
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