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Help me out of the air-tight crypt
Thirsting for freedom, let me have a sip
Feel my mind ooze into the sewer
Reasons to breathe becoming gradually fewer
Barren wasteland, devoid of pleasure
Anhedonia beyond measure
Countdown to my self-implosion
Brain freeze leads to thought erosion
Asteroid looming close to cosmic shore
Threatening darkness heretofore
Diamond buried 'neath hills of coal
Crippling the body, crushing the soul
Dead, spread in bed, with a heavy lead head
No one aware of the buckets I've bled
Slowly losing grip, going mad inside
Nothing worth seeking and nowhere to hide
If I disappear discreetly without a word
Will it be a foregone conclusion as to what occurred?
Will they look back and wonder how they could have assisted
Or will they even recall that I ever existed?
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