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This is just some fun commentary of the political battlefield that is my Facebook news feed. Quantitatively, my xSTJ friends represent the conservative right while my ExFP friends represent the liberal leaning left. I live in the American South and I have a wide variety of friends, by type (As should all of us). Most of my friends are 23-35, some older, which means they've developed their first three functions. I find these ideological games to be humorous and I sometimes participate like a a drunk streaker running on the field. Here are some of the things I've noticed:

1. First off, these wars are usually just artillery shots, meaning neither group reads what the other says. Occasionally I witness some front line scuffles. I appreciate what I see on Facebook the most, because it isn't anonymous. Anybody can wage war in the comments section of a random site, but Facebook actually causes people to follow basic social etiquette, as if the discussions are in person. As previously mentioned, however, it is mostly people posting their opinions, with like-minded people agreeing because people with opposing views have already unfollowed them.

2. xSTJs have a set of standards based on what they've seen to work (Te-Si). So they naturally take what they know on a small scale and pass all-encompassing judgment on the issue at hand. They'll post stuff about Hilary Clinton and won't even fact check it. The ESTJs use tertiary Ne to connect the dots to circle back to their understanding of responsibility and accountability. The ISTJs have objective standards for what they believe and their tertiary Fi cements it as a moral obligation.

3. The ESFPs are like chaotic brawlers. The find whatever fact or story they can, do no research, and post it. Their Se logic is comical, to me, because they post or say whatever they find/comes to mind and then expect that to be Biblical canon. They are the one type I generally avoid political arguments with, as I see no way to reason with them. There is nothing wrong with their type but my way of reasoning is completely foreign to them, so I'll just stick to getting drunk with them. ENFPs, on the other hand, tend to be more eloquent in their deliveries. I find it humorous how ISTJs and ENFPs build their argument. The former finds facts to generate a feeling, and the latter has a feeling and finds facts to justify it.

4. The Gamma and Delta quadra types (TJs and FPs) can be frustrating, for me, to speak with regarding politics/current events. I witness it daily on Facebook, which is why I'm posting about it here. This is because their Te likes to make statements that imply the discussion is over while their Fi justifies their rationale as the moral high ground. I won't criticize that, however, because that is their type, and I use Ti, so I'm more objective than that ;). Anyway, thoughts?
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