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Notice: Be warned, we're about to dive into the nonsensical, crazy, and dark side of life in 3...2...1...

I'm kind of a mystery junkie.. okay, a murder mystery junkie. I like to watch 48 hours, Forensic Files, Cold Case, if it's involving a murder - chances are I'm watching it.

"But, Why?!" you might ask...

Well, I'm interested in the psychology of what drives people to take someone's life and more so especially if they have lived a fairly comfortable life (i.e.: not involving extraordinary circumstances like war).

I will say this - even I have limits.

I like to examine and explore the mindset of those driven to murder and discovering the sets of events triggering that heinous act for the purpose of avoiding similar situations with people in my personal life. People whom I see exhibiting those same behavioral patterns.

I HAVE met people who fit the patterns described by forensic psychologists, and keep my distance. I can spot a person prone to emotional volitility from a MILE away. I don't meet them often, but when I do, I run.

I don't usually think people are inherently evil (in terms of bloodlust), but the worst cases involve murder simply to "find out what it's like to take a life". It's chilling to think that curiosity alone could drive someone to do the unconscionable. That's beyond what I can comprehend. Mankind MUST first and foremost, set our moral principles and absolutely stick to them.

Principles MUST drive all else; it must be above all other human inclinations otherwise mankind is just a loose canon causing destruction at any ole whim.

I am always more disturbed by cases involving two seemingly 'normal' people who develop a taste for murder only after meeting each other - if that doesn't make you reel against the idea of "group think", I don't know what will. The phrase "choose your friends carefully" couldn't be any truer, and those are some of the worst outcomes imaginable.

Nothing is really new under the sun though and murder by age ole feelings of intense jealousy, anger, love/hate, whatever.... is about as surprising as the night is dark.

Everything boils down to the ability to let things go. The ability to not let anything get a 'hold of you' - thoughts, emotions, unprincipaled logic, whatever.

Even the most logical people are prone to acting illogically. Emotional intelligence > Logic. Point being, just because you own a fortune 500 company or you're the smartest computer programmer does not make you less prone to the sin.

What sparked this rather morbid post was an absolute nonsensical case I saw on Forensic Files.

This case involved a "love triangle" (not really, only in the eyes of the murderer) in which she took another woman's life because she felt the other woman was tearing apart her relationship with her lover.

Off topic: Wasn't there that crazy astronaut lady from Nasa who almost did the same? If you have crazies in the ranks of Nasa, it goes to show you they're everywhere.

So this lady murders someone out of extreme jealousy IE: "taking out the competition" so to speak, and this is where I said "what?!?". So absolutely nonsensical that I half expected Louis CK to pop up on my screen and deliver a punchline for this bat-shit crazy insanity.

What did this woman think was going to happen after she murdered another person? That her lover would run back into her arms, right? I mean, clearly that's grade A attractiveness.

You've just gone from being "my crazy ex-girlfriend" to "my crazy murderer ex-girlfriend".

I couldn't wrap my mind around what this woman was thinking and concluded that she was NOT thinking on any level but is jealousy really THAT blinding as to lead her to think that after killing and dismembering someone - that her life and relationship could "go back to normal"? There IS NO NORMAL after that. NONE!


I saw another case on Forensic Files where a man murdered his next door neighbor after he made an advance on her and she rejected him. He was finally caught by the police via the enormous amount of evidence left at the scene.

His reasons? "I didn't want my wife to find out that I cheated on her."


Except now you went from being a POTENTIAL cheater to a DEFINITE rapist AND a murderer, because that makes things better with your wife?

Excuse me, while I...

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