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perc member twily suicide?

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my friend here twily sent me this:
There are stresses that I am trying to endure, and I afraid I fail.
I decided to do it because "Suicide is a PERMANENT solution to my current and incoming problems".
Sounds like I seek freedom and being a coward.
But yeah.

his perc account is now retired. i don't know if he has done it or not.
I'm kind of shellshocked and in denial. i don't know what to do im only 17 i come home from the school ball and found that. any body know anything? I'm sorry this might not make sense or look right or be proper and i apologise but I'm posting this cause i think something needs to be said/done.
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Christ, I wish I'd responded earlier...

Call your LOCAL police, do it now. They can talk to the interpol office in NZ and they can get through to local law enforcement in Vietnam very fast, it's been done before.
I've asked an admin to see if they can get your friend's IP address, which I hope will be posted here or directly to you. Give that to the police, that can be traced to his local ISP - anyone can do that - and the local police can trace it further. His profile also gives his location. Give that to the police.

Do not assume he is dead.

In the meantime try to find any social messaging material. Might as well post links here, myself or someone else MAY be able to glean an IP address from it or contact someone who can.

I'm in Malaysia right now, so not far off your timezone. I may be able to keep my internet on for tonight, so I may be able to help you further if you want to message me.
Seriously did anyone else talk to this guy?

He has Skype on his profile as well, someone with Skype could try to message him.
Have you messaged or talked to him?
Yep! He seems fine, but he's recovering and whatnot
Okay. I'll try, when I get my hands on another computer tomorrow, to look his profile up on skype. I'll have to create an account first, nevermind that...

How's his state of mind, what did you say, can you elaborate? More importantly, what happened to him?
I'm just wondering if he's actually feeling less suicidal or if someone still should contact the police or whatever.

Has anyone else tried to talk to him? If anyone can?
I'm going to imminently lose internet so I'm going to go to bed now.
Could someone please keep talking to him?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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