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perc member twily suicide?

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my friend here twily sent me this:
There are stresses that I am trying to endure, and I afraid I fail.
I decided to do it because "Suicide is a PERMANENT solution to my current and incoming problems".
Sounds like I seek freedom and being a coward.
But yeah.

his perc account is now retired. i don't know if he has done it or not.
I'm kind of shellshocked and in denial. i don't know what to do im only 17 i come home from the school ball and found that. any body know anything? I'm sorry this might not make sense or look right or be proper and i apologise but I'm posting this cause i think something needs to be said/done.
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@Searching for that feelin Yo dude, please try to talk to your friend if you haven't already. I dunno what he's like & what his concerns are about, but if you tell him directly that you're worried and really listen to him (because he might not want to share it with people's he's never even talked to before), I think that would greatly help. Isn't that why he messaged you in the first place?
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Well I highly doubt I'm a good judge for stuff like this. But it feels like he's still in the "zone", but I wouldn't say he's gonna do it again.
"I haven't gathered anything as I used to be yet." Key word: Yet!~ :crazy:
Ok, thanks!
Message from Twily:
First of all, thanks you guys for your advices. As @Bluefireluv said, I am still in the"zone". Those thoughts aren't over, but I will try to fight it as much as I can. Personally I don't deserve this kind of attention to make a whole thread (I am still feeling like a attention whore, even @ficsci and @Bluefireluv don't mind that).
@ATLeow I just read the links about the hotline, and I still don't see any number to call inside Vietnam. That sucks :( Besides, I wish I know a line to call, but I also scared of my speaking skill (I have a habit of weird stress while speaking)
And second, cops?! I always having bad impressions to the cops. *sigh*
@Dear Sigmund thanks for the links, I am currently reading them. Maybe I should drink some chocolate milkshakes. :p
@lifeisanillusion yes, I admit I was very selfish. But then, not everyone has a proper list of trust, right? I don't have the "family" part. :p
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@Twily These sites have online chat hotline if you need to talk to someone

3 Ways to Get Help

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It is possible for the police to get involved from another country and check things out. My cousin once posted a suicide note on a forum, and someone in Australia alerted the police and they were able to track him down here in the UK to make sure he was alright.

((He was fine btw, he hadn't actually done anything, but it alerted his parents to a few things they were unaware of.))
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Hey thanks for help and advice people :) twily i am glad you are still with us i thought you were gone :eek: i'm sorry i don't have Skype i don't know how to contact you...
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