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'ello, I was wondering if you all could help me figure out what my type might be? I have been testing for nearly a year now with different results. Quite confusing! Heh.

About me:

- People consider me shy, calm, quiet but nice...Yet, distant and, perhaps, strange.
When I open up to people I can seem outgoing and silly.
- I enjoy researching for pleasure, of anything that interests me.
- Small talk is annoying but I know it can be useful in some situations.
- Independence, space, and freedoms in general are required/preferred.
- Honesty and truth are important to me, even if it were to cause pain.
- I try to be accepting of the differences of individuals.
- To comfort those in extreme distress; Being torn with empathy but stunned by being solid.
- Not overly emotional in front of others. It tends to be overwhelming and embarrassing.
I usually dislike when they are strong enough to cause loss of control.
- Sensitive to only those I am close to (by their actions, words, and etc)
- Affectionate towards those I trust but if someone (new) is decent I might consider extending.
- Enjoy being able to help by using talents/knowledge/means
- Have feelings when making decisions but I try seeing them as another reference point.
- Attempt to be polite unless someone is disrespectful.
- Dislike people who manipulate, "woe is me", and/or dramatic.
- Not sure how to approach relationships. As in what to express in feelings, how often to contact, and etc.
It comes out like a faucet when doing so and I worry about if I am doing things correctly...
Due to past complaints of me being unemotional and not very expressive.
- I am mixed about having emotions/feelings. I am not sure I always understand what I am experiencing.
I analyze their cause to understand them further and to be prepared.
- I am often lost in thoughts not too focused on the present.
When I am required to be in the moment, I try to enjoy it all.

If any of you need more information, let me know, I shall attempt to answer to the best of my ability. Thanks.

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Yup, I can agree with INFP, that seems to work.
Could you describe one of your best childhood memories? (Unless it's too personal of course..)

I never thought I'd ask this in the context of typing someone, but politically, where would you say you are? And here the important part, why? (Economical and foreign relation politics would be best.)
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I don't see the Fi. I'm seeing INTP. Truth, logic, search for knowledge, blah blah blah.

You might also read about eneagram 5 and compare it to enneagram 4. 5 is common for INTP, 4 is common for an iNFP.
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