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When a person uses extraverted intuition, he or she is "oriented by the object" that is "never
to be found in the world of accepted reality-values"; instead the individual is "always seeking out
new possibilities" (Jung, 1971, p. 368). Extraverted intuition interacts with the environment and
focuses on the possibilities for change in that environment.
The development of extraverted intuition has two goals: being oriented to the environment,
and concentrating on seeing the possibilities for changing and improving the existing environment.
The strategies presented on this page are intended to help you work toward these goals.
Select a situation, object, or a place that you do not like very much. This could be a room in
your house, a painting, a committee at work, an old shed beside the road, or the desk in your office.
Go to the place, put yourself in the situation, or observe the object. For a predetermined amount of
time, concentrate only on how you would change or improve this item of your dislike. Give your
imagination free reign. If your changes involve the impossible, such as making a person look
different or moving a room in the house from one place to another, let it be. Envision the changes.
If possible, share this vision with another person--describe how things could be if only these
changes were made. Express your vision as vividly as you can; try to make the other person see it
through your eyes. Repeat this exercise often, even if briefly and with small things. How would
you improve the design of the lamp on your desk? What colors would look better on the calendar?
If you could revise the marigolds in the garden, how would they be?
Consider yourself as starting a new business, school, or any other organization that interests
you. You may want to pretend you have the freedom and money to do as you like. If this seems
foolish and you prefer to imagine more realistic circumstances, do so. What would your
organization be like? Envision its successful operation. What kind of office would you have?
Where would you be located? What activities would be going on? Whom would you like to have
working with you? Visualize yourself coming into the building in the morning. Describe your
organization to a friend or family member. Create a budget for it, draw up a floor plan of your
building, design a brochure or a business card--let your imagination be free.Volunteer for a project at work or at home which you would usually avoid because you see
yourself as being not "imaginative" or "creative" enough. This could be re-decorating your living
room, serving on a restructuring committee, developing a new research model, or designing the
family garden. Spend some time envisioning how the project will unfold. Discuss it with others.
Experiment on paper, in your mind, or through conversation. See yourself as creative, imaginative,
and innovative. Focus and concentrate on this image of yourself. For periods of time, suspend your
view of this not being your forté. If you feel out of your depth, enlist the help of friends or
colleagues, but stay with the project. Remember that you are attempting to improve things, and the
worst that can happen is that things stay the same.
Choose something about yourself that you have always wanted to change, but never had the
courage to. Do not choose something irreversible, such as resigning from your job or leaving the
country! Rather, think of a smaller improvement, but one important to you. This could be changing
the style of your suit, joining a tennis club, coloring your hair, setting up a new set of procedures at
work, or taking an unexpected holiday. The change should be something that you see as symbolic
and meaningful; for example, perhaps you dress as your mother would want you to dress, but you
have always wanted to have your own style. Change this. Tell others about it.
In developing extraverted intuition, you are letting your imagination and creativity go free.
You are trying things that you have always wanted to try. You are being in the world in a new way
and you are improving the world that you are in. Your judgments are suspended as you experiment
and change
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