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Personal Motivation for World Domination plans?

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I assume that we all have our own motivations for obtaining power on this planet,whether they can be considered politically wrong or right.My own would be mass-production of wealth and resources and advancing technology at a much higher level.

What is yours?
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I'm sorry, what?

I just want to be left the **** alone, not rule the world.

And just out of pure curiosity, how would you have world domination by mass production of wealth and resources.

1) Where would you get said wealth?

2) Where would you get said resources?
I think he means those are his motivation factors to come up with a plan for world domination
And i want to be left alone too. That might actually be my motivation to dominate the world and lock them up underground so i dont even get to look at their bloody faces.
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1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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