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Personal Motivation for World Domination plans?

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I assume that we all have our own motivations for obtaining power on this planet,whether they can be considered politically wrong or right.My own would be mass-production of wealth and resources and advancing technology at a much higher level.

What is yours?
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Well, I'm INFP but I would like to create a world society without power and subjection, of a dignified existence for man, where production is organised towards satisfying each individual's needs so that they all can fulfil their positive potential. No more classes, no more exploitation, no more alienation, no more Leviathan!

And I dream of a society that would be transparent and comprehensible to us without the aid of revelations and arcana. I see that as humankind's declaration of its own coming of age. No more kneeling before the unknowable darkness! Despite being a romantically inclined INFP dreamer I believe strongly in science and reason. Never again must we be doomed to be tossed forever like shipwrecked sailors on an unknown ocean.

Mystification and power are not inherent in society as such; then society would be fundamentally evil, and we too as social beings would be basically evil. Neither are they necessary to us because of external circumstances, a Leviathan which must rule us in order to check our inherent blood-lust. They are necessary only to those who would exploit others, to those who would use others as tools of their own ambition and their own enrichment. Free men and women can defend themselves against such people, rationally and with restraint, if they are allowed to do so.
Basically this. I don't care about world domination, but if I had the power to change the world, I would use it to destroy current power structures. So all of us could be left alone, heh.

It's dangerous, though. Power is like a drug, it would be very hard to give it up once I achieve it. I have a latent authoritarian streak that goes against my ideals.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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