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What is your understanding of personality development?
Something like this:

"1. Discovery of opposites - the conscious (& Ego?) is born
2. Preference of opposites - the Shadow is born
3. Out of opposites comes a distinction between I and not-I. The qualities identified with at this stage are not uniquely individual, but identified with the collective - this is the beginning of the development of the Persona.
4. Persona development - copying others in order to ‘fit in’.
5. Re-cognizing the Persona (become conscious of the MASK).
6. Dissolution of the Persona - strictly by ‘act of will’.
7. Persona complex gets replaced by Archetypes
8. Re-cognizing the Archetypes:
9. Dissolution of the Archetypes: (the Shadow, the Anima or Animus, and the Self)
10. Individuation"​

Do you see personality disorders as being either yes or no (either a person has one or not) or do you think of personality along a continuum?


If personality disordered is at one end of a continuum, what would be at the other end? Enlightened soul?

If the values of your environment are false or harmful then what does it even mean to be "disordered" relative to that environment?

Show me the "ordered" human being. I want to meet that guy.

People either internalize the values of their environment and they seek harmony with that or they spurn those values and they're dissatisfied because they're out of equilibrium with what everyone around them is doing.

If everyone around you has subordinated themselves to systems and ways of living which are contrary to your own internal value system then you're going to be neurotic (aka "disordered") and in hell until you can reconcile the disharmony.

To reconcile the disharmony you can either change yourself (e.g. by compromising your internal values) or you can change the environment.

That tension of being out of sync with one's environment seems to be necessary to develop a personality.

It takes heavy pressure over time to forge diamonds.

"The development of the personality is at once a blessing and a curse. We must pay dearly for it and the price is isolation and loneliness.

‘Its first fruit is the conscious and unavoidable segregation of the individual from the undifferentiated and unconscious herd’.

But to stand alone is not enough, above all one must be faithful to one’s own law


And only a personality can find a proper place in the collectivity; only personalities have the power to create a community, that is, to become integral parts of a human group and not merely a number in the mass."​
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