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My husband is returning Pieper to the breeder today, and not picking up Murphy from her. Pickles is doing awesome.

Preparing for the new babies set off a chain reaction of old injuries and weaknesses starting with my IT-band then moving to my lumbar spine, involving my piriformis and psoas--weakness and the initial IT-band "syndrome" I've dealt with since 1999 but never all at once.

I was in bed for a weekend, and after being able to get up, I've never been 100% and couldn't take care of myself, let alone the rats--not even Pickles except for a daily, quick cuddle either in bed or on my recliner.

So, my priority now is rehab at home; physical therapy based largely on Esther Ekhart's yogic work; she used to be a physical therapist, and her manner is straight-forward, knowledgeable, accessible, clear.

I'm also going to be leaving PerC to concentrate of this work--strenthen the core connective tissue in my pelvic girdle.

I've never believed in personality typing as efficacious as so many do, but the forums gave me a place to write, play games, distract myself from pain... It's time to put forum play aside.

I'm getting back to publishing; in this case the haiku and senryu. If I can, moving on to the book I've been planning to write--how to deal with debilitating chronic pain using mindfulness meditation, Metta meditation, yoga asanas and more.

Here is one Dharma teacher I like a lot. If you listen to any of it and find something worthwhile in his talk, pass it on? We could all use lightening up in the best possible way.

He is Australian and his teacher was Ajahn Chah, a Thai forest monk---someone I used to follow, but I got off track as happens, sometimes.

ADDITION: I read Cult of Personality Typing by Anne Murphy Paul: Rich history of personality typing from phrenology to MBTI and more, with inside information on the people who made the tests, the motivations, the money made from them, and more.
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