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"i have always been a polite guy dad"
I fucking lost it.
but that, that was awesome.... my dad is an ESTJ it that was to accurate.
“People with their dicks in their hand become liberal” is hilarious.
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Being a visual person myself, I enjoy seeing cartoons or other visual overviews of personality types. I found (and made!) a few that I find helpful. (Some of them I don't fully understand out of context, so feel free to discuss!) Please share your own finds or creations, too! :happy:

(Photo Collages from


My cartoon:

Enneagram Type 1

Enneagram Type 2

Enneagram Type 3

Enneagram Type 4

Enneagram Type 5

I LOVE THIS ! I always enjoy visual things like this. They almost remind of those parody motivation pictures relating to MBTI types. :)
101 - 104 of 104 Posts