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Hello, personalitycafe! While I realize I posted a thread recently about the personality type of the characters from the Babysitters Club novels, I've actually been curious of what the personality type of some of the characters from the teenage Canadian drama, Degrassi: The Next Generation may be. Although I realize many of you might not be fans of the Degrassi series, I decided to create this thread anyhow in order to see you opinions on their personality types out of mere curiousity.

While I am not certain on the typings for some of them, here are the ones I feel somewhat sure of below:

Emma Nelson- ENFJ

Manny Santos- ENFP

JT Yorke- ExFP, although I tend to believe he's more intuitive than sensing.

Sean Cameron- ISTP

Liberty Van Zandt- IxTJ, although I tend to see her as being more of a sensor.

Ellie Nash- INxP, although I believe she could likely be more of an edgy INFP.

Ashley Kerwin- INFx perhaps...

Marco Del Rossi- INFJ

Jay Hogart- ESTP

Peter Stone- ESTP as well

Clare Edwards- INFJ

Ali Bhandari- ESFP

Sav Bhandari- yet another INFJ as well...?

KC Gunthrie- a rather extreme version of INFP, maybe?...

Connor Deslauriers- perhaps INTJ

Eli Goldsworthy (one of the recent seasons newly added characters)- INxP as Ellie.
He is certainly an introvert due to his prefering to avoid attention rather than seek it, and his voluntary longing to be unique from others without a care of what they believe of himself makes me visualize him as an intuitive, in addition to more of a perceiver as well. However, I am unable to decide on whether he is more of a thinker or a feeler, as while he seems to have that complex value system that INFPs are stated to have, in addition to an apparent talent in writing and literature, I still feel he could be more of a thinker as well, as he tends to be blunt and straightforward when it comes to his beliefs.

Drew Torres (yet another of the newly added characters within the series)- ESTP

Holly J. Sinclair- ENTJ

Declan Coyne- INTJ

Fiona Coyne- a rather dramatic xSFP?

Alex Nunez- ISTP
She bore the toughness ISTP's are stated to contain, and certainly appeared to be the type whom was a down-to-earth realist and more moved by mere logic than emotions. Additionally, Alex's character was a tsundere-ish one whom, in spite of having a softer internal core than she displayed, shied away from attention and vennered her pain with a tough act that caused her to be outcasted in the past.

Jane Vaugn- Although I actually didn't know much of her character, I believe she could possibly be possibly an ESTP...

Terri MacGregor- possibly ISFP
Craig Manning- a slightly neurotic IxFP?
Jimmy Brooks- Although I am not too certain on him, I believe he might have been an ENFJ...
Paige Michalchuck- ESFJ?

Wow, I just realized there seem to be many characters whom are possible feelers within Degrassi...

Here is a link for you guys to see if you'd like more information on the characters as well, by the way :):

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Um, once again, I realize that not many of you are fans of the Degrassi television series, as I myself even tend to think its a bit overly-dramatized at given points, but I was just curious as to what you guys believed the shows numerous characters' personality types are, given that their are so many distinct personalities throughout the series to begin with. Don't think I'm angered, although, as I'm just trying to say that I understand if some of you aren't neccesarily fond of the drama, and that I merely want to see some of you opinions as well.

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Hi! :) I havn't watched this show since they brought new characters but you forgot a few:
Toby- hm... INTP (wild guess)
Spinner- ESTJ
Rick- INFJ
Hazel- ESFJ

You're not alone... I love this show, too.

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I love this show! I'm new to typing and am mostly unfamiliar with the types, but know ENTJs quite well since that's what I believe my type to be. Holly J is definitely an ENTJ, as far as I can see.

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I actually don't think of Declan as an INTJ - he's more suave than that. ESTP, maybe? After all, he's the one strutting around like he owns the place, and the one who really protected Fiona from dirtbags (something that someone with dominant Se would pick up).

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If I don't mention anyone from the earlier seasons (1-9), I either forgot them or I feel that they didn't have sufficient screen time or development to work off of. Ask me about them and I'll tell you why they're not there.
If I don't mention anyone from the later seasons (10 and onward), it's probably because we haven't seen enough of them yet.

Emma - ENFJ

Sean - ISTP

Spinner - ESTJ

Jimmy - ENFJ

Ashley - INFJ

Toby - INTP

JT - ExFP (He seemed like an ENFP in some episodes, and an ESFP in others)

Liberty - ISTJ

Manny - ENFP

Terrie - ISFP

Paige - ESFJ

Hazel - ESFJ

Snake / Mr. Simpson / Archie - ISFJ

Joey - ExFP

Caitlin - INFJ

Marco - ISFJ

Ellie - INFP (she seemed pretty INTPish sometimes, though)

Craig - xSFP

Kendra - INTP

Rick - INFJ

Darcy - xSFJ

Jay - ESTP

Alex - ISTP

Danny - ESFP (guessing)

Peter - ESTP

Chantay - ESxJ

Leia - ISFJ

Derek - ESTP (? really guessing here)

Jane - ENTP

Holly J - ENTJ

Anya - ISFP

Sav - ISFP

Johnny - ISTP

Riley - ISxJ

Clare - INFJ

KC - INFP (I also have a feeling that his actor was an INFP... don't ask me why... it's just the vibe I got)

Allie - ESFP (I think she could still be a T... just a T who used to make a lot of bad decisions concerning boys)

Connor - ISTJ (in my experience, this is the most common type for people with Asperger's)

Jenna - ESFP

Dave - ESTJ

Fiona - ISFP

Declan - INTJ

Owen - ESTJ

Wesley - INTP

Eli - INFP (I think he may seem ENFP at times because his actor seems at the extreme end of ENFP :p)

Adam - INxP

Drew - ESFP

Bianca - xSTP

Zane - ISFP

Jake - ISFP

Katie - ISFJ

Marisol - ESFP

Becky - ENFJ

Luke - ESTP

Imogen - ENFP

Maya - ISFP

Zig - ISTP

Tori - ESFP

Tristan - ESFP

Cam - ISFJ (?)

Winston - INTP

Zoe - ESFJ

Grace - ISTP or ENTP (I've seen someone type her as INTJ... I seriously scratched my head at that)

Lola - ExFP

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Anyone have a clue as to what type Jack (Imogen's girlfriend) is? I'm guessing ISFP but I very possibly could be wrong.

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From what I remember from the bits and pieces I recall viewing almost ten years ago, I would type the main cast as these. There were lots of Se users on this show.

Emma Nelson - ISFP, Fi dominant. Passionate about multiple causes, not afraid to speak her mind, strong inferior Te. Dips into sensationalism and risky behavior when she feels things are out of control. Key insights into this are the episodes revolving around her Bulimia and Gonorrhea storylines.

Manny Santos - ENFJ, Fe dominant. Manny's story is mostly about coming to appreciate herself and love herself for who she is, which might look like Fi but Manny's story is strongly influenced by what others think of her. See her transition from cute to sexy to "school slut" to empowered actress, which pretty much defines her arc from season 1 to 9. Manny desperately wants to be popular, she wants to be Paige to like her, she wants Craig to commit to her, she wants to find a place in school but she doesn't reflect internally much at all. She finds value in the external world. tert. Se comes in from her recklessness and her desire to indulge in the physical. Uses sex and recreational activities with Craig to make him commit to her. Likes ice skating, gymnastics and cheer-leading.

Paige Micheal-Chuck - ESFP, pretty much exactly what is on the tin. She's a lower Te user as seen in the episode where she flunks out of college. She has issues thinking constructively on her own, and winds up completely plagiarizing her paper and getting expelled for it because she is exhausted and can't handle the responsibilities of higher education at a prestigious school. You see a bit of Fi during her rape storyline when she pressed charges against Dean and says she would never sleep with an individual she only knew for an hour, yet doesn't understand how she has no proof of the occurrence and how staying silent actually just helps him get away because there is no evidence of the crime because she didn't speak up about it. She is able to provide helpful advice about how the world works (tert. Te), but doesn't think things through and is blind sighted by the consequences of her actions (inferior Ni).

Craig Manning - ETP of some sort. Has really bad Fe which you can see in his relationships. He cheated on Ashley, Manny and Yvette all of his major girl friends and also emotionally messed Ellie around not once, not twice but three times. There are arguments for inferior Si though in his desire for family, is willing to be a father to his and Manny's unborn child but doesn't really realize the responsibility of what that would entail. Likes being around his sister because it reminds him of a time when his mother was alive. Orphaned early in his life. I would say definitely an ESTP or ENTP. I'd lean more toward ENTP though.

I'll type more later.

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I haven't watched Degrasi for like two years, I just started disliking the characters after the season Cam died. Anyways, I'll type who I remember

Eli Goldsworthy - INFP
Very value-oriented character, even to the point of obsession

JT - ESFP(Early) ENFP(Later)
He radiated a different vibe to me later on in the seasons, but early on Id say he's a flat out ESFP.

Riley - ESTJ
Alpha Male-ish

Zane - ISFP
Fi is strong in Zane however I don't see much N.

Clare - INFJ
From what I recall, she was a great sympathizer and very structured.

Liberty - ISTJ
Organized and very duty oriented.

Miles - ESTP
Guessing, he was kinda unhealthy from when I watched so this might not be correct.

Tristan - ESFP
Drama-Queen and very flashy.

Cam - INFJ

Katie - ISTJ
Very Structured person, at least till Drew but she recovered later on I believe

Drew - ESFP
Classic show-off

Adam - INFP
Very deep values and is very steadfast towards them, even inspired Becky to realize them.

Imogen - ENFP
Definitely a very manipulative NF early on.

Fiona - ISFP
Fi Se seemed to fit her quite well.

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I think Drew is a feeler. Everything he does on the show is because of his feelings.

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I would type Drew as an ESFP. Definitely a feeler.

Same here, it became pretty terrible after season 11 in my opinion. It is as if they were saying "how can we fit as many relevant teen issues as possible into a 20 minutes episode!?!"

Also, I would have pegged Cam as an ISFJ rather than INFJ. His depression seemed to stem from Si related issues.

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Yeah I've been watching degrassi since I was in middle school back when the new generation started with Emma and manny, and I guess that's sorta why I keep watching. I think Netflix taking over is gonna be pretty awesome for the show.
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I've starting watching all of it again (now at season 6) and I'm pretty sure about most of them.

Emma Nelson: ISTJ
Manny Santos: ESFP
JT Yorke: ENFP
Paige Michalchuk: ESFJ
Toby Isaacs: INTP
Spinner Mason: ESFP
Marco Del Rossi: ISFJ
Liberty van Zandt: ESTJ
Craig Manning: ESTP
Sean Cameron: ISTP
Jimmy Brooks: ISTJ
Ellie Nash: INFP
Ashley Kerwin: ISTJ
Peter Stone: ISFP
Terry MacGregor: ISFJ
Jay Hogart: ESFP
Alex Nuñez: ISTP
Archie Simpson: ISFJ
Rick Murray: INTJ (the only one with high Ni so far)

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Changed my mind about Marco. When he was in the closet he seemed ISFJ, but now I'm thinkng INFP.

Holly J. Sinclair: ESTJ

Clare Edwards: ISTJ (maybe even INFP, no Fe)

Anya MacPherson: ISFJ
Wesley Betenkamp: ISFJ

Jenna Middleton: ESFJ

Riley Stavros: ESTP
Drew Torres: ESTP

Jane Vaughn: ISTP ?
Johnny DiMarco: ISTP

Darcy Edwards: ISFP
K.C. Guthrie: ISFP
Fiona Coyne: ISFP

Alli Bhandari: ESFP
Bianca DeSousa ESFP
Owen Milligan: ESFP

Dave Turner: ENTP

Connor DeLaurier: INTP
Adam Torres: INTP

Mia Jones: INFP ?

Sav Bhandari: ENFP

Declan Coyne: ENTJ

Eli Goldsworthy: INFJ

Chantay Black: ENFJ

I'm really sceptical when it comes to typing someone ENTJ/INTJ/INFJ/ENFJ and all Degrassi characters are very pubescent and straightforward. I think it makes it very easy to see the higher functions. Since Degrassi is lot about making (big) mistakes and learning from them they use a lot of Sensing types. (Not saying Intuitives can't make huge mistakes, but they like their characters to be very to the point and understandable. Ni might be too abstract/vague).

I'll admit the new cast is harder to type. Some characters make very unnatural transformations or unrealistic decisions.
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