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Personality Types of Your Family Members?

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The title says it all.

My dad is an XNTJ. My brother is an ENTP. My sister is an ENFP. I'm not too sure about my mom, but I think she is an XNFP.
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My dad is an ISXJ, and my mom is an ESFJ.
Mother = INFJ
Step-father = ESTP
Sister = ESFJ

Lets just say I don't get along with any of them.
Mom - ESFJ
Brother - ESFP
Sister - ESFP
Uncle 1 - EXTP
Uncle 2 - ESTX
Father: ISTP
Brother: ISTP
Sister: ESXJ
Uncle: INTP
Mother: ESTJ
I only don't get along with my mom...but no one gets along with my mom. My brother and dad are two of the best human beings I've ever met. My sister's great too; I just can't really communicate well with her.
ISTPs are so incredibly chill. They can get along with pretty much anyone.

ESTJ: They honor traditions and laws, and have a clear set of standards and beliefs. They expect the same of others, and have no patience or understanding of individuals who do not value these systems. They value competence and efficiency, and like to see quick results for their efforts.

This alone will make it nearly impossible for you to get along with an ESTJ if you aren't exactly like they want you to be.
Father: ISTP
Brother: ISTP
Sister: ESXJ
Uncle: INTP
Mother: ESTJ
I only don't get along with my mom...but no one gets along with my mom. My brother and dad are two of the best human beings I've ever met. My sister's great too; I just can't really communicate well with her.
Brother: ESFJ
Sister: ExFP
I get along with my family pretty well. I used to yell, scream, and fight a lot (I wasn't an INTP when I was little.). Now I just try to think, be nice, and avoid my family members if it seems like things will get bad.

I don't have any sensors in my family. What's it like to live with one?
ISTJ Dad, ISFJ Mom, ISTJ (I think) Brother, ESFP Sister.
Father (the only one I can type with certainty): ISTJ
Mother: ISFJ
Brother: ISTP

The result is a calm but distant relationship all around. I'm more similar to and have more in common with my brother than either of my parents, who I pretty much avoid whenever possible. Even so, I only communicate with him when he's in town for a family gathering. He, as might be expected, is closer to my parents than I am.

He accompanied me on the drive to California (when I was moving there), and I learned during that trip that we get along better and are more similar than I had previously thought.

If he is an ISTP, he breaks some of the stereotypes; he never had much interest in sports or exercise, was quite fat up until recently, seems to have no more self-confidence than the average person (if that), and has a lot of strong preferences and no logical basis for them - or in other words he makes a lot of prejudicial judgments about things and stubbornly holds on to those arbitrary judgments. I noticed a lot less of this on the trip, though, so maybe he's just becoming a more mature ISTP?
Mother - ENFJ
Father - ESFP
Brother - ESTJ

I am INTP.

In my family, there is NT, NF, SP, SJ.

I'm the only I in my whole family. I found them all sort of obnoxious and overly pushy.

My brother is the most successful financially and usually has the best model of reality. Unfortunately he is a very proud and power abusive ESTJ. I still look up to him. I didn't really spend much time with either of my parents - they were so alien. I was raised more by my brother than anyone else. I just wish he would compromise - so ESTJ to be so resistant to others. He is the person I understood the best out of my whole family. Wish things would change.

Parents were pretty neglectful and seemed to care more about their social lives than their children or finances.
Father ISTJ
Mother ISFX
Elder Brother: ISFJ
Younger Brother: ENFJ
Youngest Brother: IXXJ
Younger Sister: ESXJ

Js. Seemingly Js everywhere.
I'm also the only P.
Dad and brother are ISFJ
Mom is ENFJ
Other brother is INTJ
Sister-in-law is ENTJ
Double Post? with an hour between them? how did this happen?
Older brother: INTJ
Younger brother: EXFP

Everyday is full of mayhem in my household...
But at least it's fun! (for the most part)
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My father, ISFP. He has always been there for all of his kids. The most protective out of my family members and him and my younger brother understand me the most, but I don't know if it's that much anymore.

My mother, ESFX. While my siblings and me where kids she just wanted us out of her sight. Ever since the divorce she has wanted are company a lot more and right now I think we might be the only things in her life she can hold on to.

Older brother, ENTJ. We knew we were different from each other and this led to us knowing to give the other his own space. Little we had in common, but out of all my siblings he is the closest one to me and of course I looked up to him as a kid. My older brother and I are only 2 years difference in age.

Younger brother, ISTJ. I am not sure what to say about my little brother. We get along the best, but knowing more about him he is much different then me. One of his thoughts is how there is a lot of wasted life in this world and how it can be fix. He is the hardest to know in my family. There is a 3 year difference between me and my younger brother, and him to my sister.

Baby sister, ESFP. I bet I don't even need to tell you who I got into arguments the fastest. She is so different from all of us, except my mom, and my dad blatantly says how he doesn't understand my sister. She is the one who gets into fights with my dad and my dad doesn't like selfish people. I know in her heart she loves all of us, but she only sees how are actions hurt her, regardless if we are telling her something or trying to help.
Mother: ESFJ
Father: XNFP
Sister: INFJ
I never thought to look at my parents but my brother is an INFJ or ENFJ. Either way, we are quite the duo
Mother: ENFP
Sister: ISTP
Younger brother can't be typed atm.
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