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Phrases You Avoid

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Sort of a "Shit People Say" in reverse.

A thread for phrases you struggle to say, including things you:
prefer not to say,
only rarely say,
would never say,
regret saying,
might say but might not necessarily mean.

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I don't really like to say to someone (unless I hated the person and intended to hurt back the person for the destruction that the person did),'' You're not connected to reality/ you don't live in the real world.'' Because for some reason, to me it rings as patronizing. And how would it exactly help the person? If my objective was to help, surely I'd be able to be more constructive and actually give feasible solutions? Besides that kind of phrase is like a judgment call as if I'm saying,'' my experiences are of higher level than yours, no matter how you feel''.
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1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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