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Phrases You Avoid

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Sort of a "Shit People Say" in reverse.

A thread for phrases you struggle to say, including things you:
prefer not to say,
only rarely say,
would never say,
regret saying,
might say but might not necessarily mean.

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You will never hear the following phrases from me...

"Life is short" - I'm sorry but this is the single most depressing thing you can say to anyone. I fail to see how striking the fear of impending death into someone is supposed to encourage them to live.

"Put up or shut up" - This makes very little sense. It gives you a choice of putting up or shutting up...both options are the SAME thing. Whoever came up with that shit is an idiot.

"Thank God" - I don't actually believe in God, so it seems pretty stupid to reference it in conversation. I have no-one to thank for anything.

"That's just how it is" - This is the attitude that breeds stereotypes and shitty societal rules that have no basis in truth.

"I don't know" - I know all.

"What you see is what you get" - Well how boring.

"Cheer up" - It irritates me greatly when some asshole says this to me. I wouldn't dare tell someone to cheer up when they're feeling down. We are entitled to our own emotions. If anything the person should be comforted...not invalidated.
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Hm. I agree with you, but what you will hear from me is the much more depressing, "We're all going to die soon!" I bust it out when I feel like people are being immature, not being self-aware, not living consciously.

Like, people talking about their favorite tv shows, celebrities, etc... Interject me: "We're all going to die soon! You don't have time to watch television!"

God, I'm such a downer. :)
Gaaah no! That is evil.

We could die soon. Any one of us could walk out of our front door tomorrow and get splattered by an out-of-control eighteen wheeler. You never know.
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1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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