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Phrases You Avoid

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Sort of a "Shit People Say" in reverse.

A thread for phrases you struggle to say, including things you:
prefer not to say,
only rarely say,
would never say,
regret saying,
might say but might not necessarily mean.

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"I know exactly how you feel"


Ironic example from Friends:

MONICA: C'mon, you can't live off your parents your whole life.

RACHEL: I know that. That's why I was getting married.

PHOEBE: Give her a break, it's hard being on your own for the first time.

RACHEL: Thank you.

PHOEBE: You're welcome. I remember when I first came to this city. I was fourteen. My mom had just killed herself and my step-dad was back in prison, and I got here, and I didn't know anybody. And I ended up living with this albino guy who was, like, cleaning windows outside port authority, and then he killed himself, and then I found aromatherapy. So believe me, I know exactly how you feel.
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"between a rock and a hard place"

I hate this phrase though can't quite identify why. I do like "between the devil and the deep blue sea" which says more or less the same thing.
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