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There's a phrase in Dutch: "Daar heb ik niks mee."

Gruesome thing. It means as much as "I don't care about that".

Total conversation killer and display of general lack of interest in what a person has to say.

And the other day, I told a friend about going to a Shakespeare play.. he had the audacity to say: "I'd never go to a Shakespeare play."

Well thanks for making me feel dumb. And secondly, Shakespeare didn't get all famous for about 400 years because he wrote silly and boring and stupid plays :frustrating:

I know I am being sensitive, but I just can't stand that sort of thing. If someone's excited about something, I won't go killing their excitement, unless it's about building an atomic bomb, or something like that. Where do people even get the idea to behave like that? Geez.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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