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Phrases You Avoid

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Sort of a "Shit People Say" in reverse.

A thread for phrases you struggle to say, including things you:
prefer not to say,
only rarely say,
would never say,
regret saying,
might say but might not necessarily mean.

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"Be right back!"
"I'll NEVER belive that."
"I hate you."
"My opinion is FACT!!!"
I tried to think up a witty response but failed.

Basically, it all boils down to "anything abusive."
I try to avoid cursing when it comes down to it but that's about it or anything like @chimeric said anything "abusive" in nature
Prefer not to say: A definite YES when asked about making plans.

Only rarely say : I trust you completely.

Would never say : I hate you.

Regret saying : I'll save you some of my [insert favorite food}

Might say but might not necessarily mean: I'll be ready in 5 minutes.
Sort of a "Shit People Say" in reverse.

A thread for phrases you struggle to say, including things you:
prefer not to say,
only rarely say,
would never say,
regret saying,
might say but might not necessarily mean.

I never say "I can't"
Because that would be a lie ;)
I never use the expression "rule of thumb" because I found out where that came from and I was kind of offended...
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Prefer not to say: "No offense but..." ><

Rarely ever say: "Always" and "Never" - particularly with a personal pronoun in front of them.

Never Avoid saying: "Irregardless" :p (I cringe when I hear it)

Regret saying: That I would slap my friend if she got pregnant, even if I was joking. =.= (Young me makes me shake my head and sigh).

Might say but not necessarily mean: Exaggerated statements about my health or body - "X makes me want to jam a rusty fork into the sensory organ it most offends," "I have a space in my tummy the exact size and shape of a piece of cake despite not having completed my dinner," "I'm so light that on a windy day, I just hold up my arms and get a free ride home. I slip into an envelope when I want to go on a trip and the postage weighs more. When I play tug-o-war, I'm tied to the middle of the rope." :p
I really tend to avoid saying anything absolute. It just never seems genuine, because who knows, right?

When I do say more 'absolute' words (such as above where I said it never seems genuine), I usually don't mean them quite literally.

I do completely embrace how much I say "like" when I'm talking.
Things you:

prefer not to say: "Hate"
only rarely say: "Always"
would never say: "Never"
regret saying: "Go away"
might say but might not necessarily mean. "I don't want to talk about it"
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prefer not to say: fuck, bitch, and because I said so
only rarely say: I hate you (out of anger)
would never say: ...not sure.
regret saying: always, never, because I said so
might say but might not necessarily mean: ...I try to avoid saying these so I'm not sure. the above I guess. Because it can be misinterpreted and used against you, especially if people are listening word for word....instead of seeing what I actually mean. But even that can be bad. Reading between the lines when there's nothing there. I guess when people do that for feelings it can get messy and is usually inaccurate (because I'm not really feeling anything! I'm just talking), but otherwise it's okay....

As for "the f word" and "the b word" it's just because I know myself xD I'm already using "shit" as punctuation, and if I get comfortable with those words it'll get bad xD Because I'm not even aware I'm saying shit to the point I'll get caught off-guard by a bunch of shocked children or a professor who seems surprised....yeah. I'll lose sensitivity to the words quickly, is what I'm saying.

Also I don't like calling people that...because it's damning and it might be inaccurate. Maybe they're not and I'm misinterpreting their whole personality because of an incident or not taking into regard their feelings and being insensitive and letting my anger blind me to their personality. I'll still see people as crazy and stuff once I've formed an opinion, but I need to be sure first and it takes me a long while to feel I understand how people are....
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I prefer not to say anything definitive because I am sure of nothing.

I don't curse at all, nor do I insult people on purpose. The closest I get to insulting people is "tough love" where I tell them straight up what's wrong and what needs to be fixed(which usually ends up with me apologizing profusely afterwards).
I won't say anything in the realm of "it's my way or the highway" but I have a hard time saying "no" especially with that whole "a friend in need is a friend indeed" business

Mostly though, I regret more what I have left unsaid....moments that I let pass without letting someone know how I felt about them, why they are special, how my life is enriched because of them.

oh...and late edit...I REFUSE to use "gay" for something i don't like or "retarded" for something that I think is dumb.
"Your music taste fucking sucks."
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Things I prefer not to say:
Really personal stuff. Black-and-white statements.

Things I only rarely say:
"I love you", "please leave me alone", "I can't deal with this now", "I need some time".

Things I would never say:
"You are an idiot."
"This will never work."
"You're hopeless."
"Things will never change."
Any and all curse words (They sometimes 'slip out' in on-line situations and such, but I never use them verbally. Weird).
Racist, sexist, classist, or any-kind-of-bias-ist insults or otherwise offensive statements. Insults in general don't come easy to me... unless I'm royally pissed and completely right to be. But still, I keep it 'child friendly', even at my worst.

Things I regret saying:
'Confessions' of any kind. My stuff is my stuff.

Things I might say but might not necessarily mean:
"I'm so hungry I could eat an elephant and still have room for dessert." I mean, really, who could have dessert after eating an elephant?
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