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Rule number one : Play nice :p I know I'm usually a drama queen but no insults in this thread please. It's a way of appreciating each other's strengths.

I'm going to pick Lad because I just like playing around with him so much. He reminds of the guy friends I used to make fun of in college.


You are a person who uses ''change is a sign of social progress'' to your most advantage. You like the idea of manipulating that on your terms, yet you take pleasure in seeing other people progress in terms of being spontaneous, creative, brave and most of all, unique. You get bored easily when people are too slow in showing their strengths thus this makes you appear impatient and pushy even though you often have the best of intentions. You are an intense person, but most people are not aware of how much. You often observe issues that other people face which you touch you at a feeling level, because you secretly want to use those experiences to formulate the changes you desire to see in society. You are secretly often bored with the usual systems of society and typical stereotypes, you wish to challenge them. People think that you are an attention seeker in that aspect, but underneath it all you always think about the underdog who has not been able to experience the lives that they want. The outer nature of your spontaneity often makes people doubt the sincerity behind your social decisions, but at the core you are slow in changing your goals. You are fixed with your goals and you have turned them into worthwhile visions which keep you driven on a frequent basis. You do not often seek to prove yourself to others, even though your attitude may portray otherwise, you just seek a few changes that can satisfy you emotionally. You recognize a potential leader inside you, but deep down inside you would step back from that role if it would bring others more destruction than good.

You feel a bit empowered by the control you feel that you might have over your own future, because you intuitively can make things happen even without planning them too strategically. That kind of power scares you a bit sometimes, because you wonder how you might effect other people. You are often more aware of your own emotional and intense nature than what people give you credit for. In spite of the power and leadership you see in yourself, you have a cool sense of self restraint that is hidden underneath a smug, extroverted image. Your own drive also scares you sometimes, but you make sure to reevaluate your values and interactions when you feel necessary to do so. You are afraid of repeating a few past mistakes, but you have turn those fears into lessons that you hope might inspire one or two people at least.

Blehhhhhhhhhhh :crazy: Izzie = insane
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