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I thought, I could share with you, what I'm planning to do next weekend ^^

First of all, I'll go to the amusement park and eat losts of cotton candy >^< I'll take a few rides and I'm sure, that I'll have lots of fun. Then, I'll take out my screwdriver and take out the screws of the caroussel. After I made sure, that it collapses with people on it, I'll proceed by taking out the huge needle, that I hid in my boot and popping little children's balloons.
On my way home, I'll kidnap one or two puppies, which I'll sacrifice to lord satan at the ritual site in my basement, right next to the kidnapped students. Yandere-simulator is so much more fun in real life! :D
On sunday, I'll try a few new recipes to make poisonous cupcakes. If you don't cough up blood after eating them, they are not good!

Okay, that's basically it :happy:
I hope, you know a bit more about my life now ^^

If anyone reads this, please leave a comment - I want to know, if someone really looks at blog posts :p
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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