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Please help me- I can't decide if I'm an ISFJ or INFJ

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So I've read descriptions of both types and there are aspects of both that I relate to. I feel like if I'm an ISFJ, I have a really bad memory for one and am lacking in practicality, logic, etc. But I don't think I'm really that intuitive, although I'd love to be. (I'm jealous of anyone who can "read people" well- people's minds and personalities fascinate me). I know they are separate temperaments, but I think I might be an ISFJ, INFJ wannabe.

Some things that may or may not be relevant:

-I feel like I generally take things at face value, and then remember to analyze them.
-I easily get jealous of and am possessive of my friends, but don't show it.
-I cannot or do not bother to predict the outcome to books or movies. Twist endings almost always take me by surprise.
-I am insecure- when someone compliments me on working quickly, I always get paranoid that I left something out. I often feel like I'm not good at anything.
-I envy people who don't seem to let anything bother them. I often feel weak because I'm overly sensitive
-I love the idea of being part of a group- when everyone depends on and cares about one another. I like assembly lines.
-Intuition confuses me, period. Maybe I'm thinking of it in the wrong sense.
-I often imagine elaborate conversations with people- real, fictional, strangers, and friends
-I enjoy analyzing friends and fictional characters
-I don't mind breaking rules and sometimes enjoy it (when doing so doesn't hurt others in any way)
-My dad frequently gets frustrated with me because whenever he asks me a question, I think of why he's asking that question and answer that instead of the actual question.
-I consider myself liberal (politically wise). The idea that anyone has pre-determined roles in society annoys me
-I'm attracted to things that are "dark"- music, art, people
-A good way to motivate me is to criticize me- I'll want to prove you wrong
-Whenever I'm listening to music in my car, I keep the windows up because I don't want anyone else to hear what I'm listening to. I will, however, freely tell people what type of music I like. I don't understand this.
-From the type descriptions, a world of "hidden meanings and possibilities" seems much more appealing than one that is "concrete and kind"
-I have trouble understanding basic logical concepts.
-I have difficulty "living in the moment"- I'm always worried about what's going to happen next
Any feedback would be welcome. I know this was long- I appreciate it if you read it all the way through (or at all)
Thank you!
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Read the description for INFP.
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