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I've been interested in the Jungian cognitive functions and the MBTI for two and a half years. I've become very good at typing other people, but I still haven't been able to type myself. I find other people very easy to type most of the time, for example it's easy for me to type ENFPs, ESTJs, ESTPs etc. Somehow I just don't find myself typical, I seem to be an unstereotypical representative of some unknown to me type.

Still, I have to be one of the 16 types, but typing myself is an ongoing struggle. I'm highly intelligent, sensitive, self-conscious, introspective, self-critical and I pay attention to what I say and how I say it, thus according to my reasoning I am not a "raw" representative of a type, because everything I do and say is kind of filtered. Also I have a tendency to take the manners of other people unconsciously and therefore I'm rarely 100 percent myself. I would be a very good actor in my opinion, because I'm always in some role and not often myself.

I have figured out that I have to find out my type without paying attention to my traits of "giftedness" that include high intelligence, sensitivity etc. It's also hogwash that NTs or intuitives in general are more intelligent, because I've known many intuitives who are way off the dot and cannot understand reality at all. I've learnt that the best way to approach typing is by concentrating on the Jungian congnitive functions and Keirsey temperaments. I also heard a tip that I should pay attention to "who am I drained by in social situations?" and "who do I drain?", because opposite functions drain each other, and this should help me figure out my type.

I'm not sure whether I am E or I, and that's not so important, but I believe that I am an extrovert, although I often listen to music alone, read stuff off the Internet, play chess like a huge nerd on computer etc. Not all social interaction energizes me, but I believe that's normal, because not everyone can energize me. Sometimes I think that I was like an ENTJ in some situations, like giving harsh criticism and leading groups, other times I think that I was like a fun-loving ESFP. I don't show my feelings easily on my face, other people have commented on this, and I believe that's because I could use introverted feeling instead of extraverted feeling. Often times my smile sticks to my face and after some time I get rid of my smile suddenly. It's weird, I know.

I'm pretty sure I'm none of the SJs: ESTJ, ISTJ, ESFJ or ISFJ. I get on well with them usually like I do with all people actually, but xSTJ and xSFJ just aren't me. I believe that I lack introverted sensing. I never think of "what was?" or contrast current perceptions with something in the past. I don't remember any details either. I'm also baffled by some xxTP types who can spit out information with their introverted thinking really fast, and once I was really drained by an ISTP craftsman. Therefore I seem to lack introverted thinking.

NFs? I don't know... Maybe ENFJ? Not really... ?

SPs? Yes, I am a pragmatic person!

NTs? Intelligent and pragmatic yeah, but...

My introverted sensing is weak.
My introverted thinking is weak.
Also I'm pretty sure that I'm not a xSTx "typical guy", but I could be wrong. It's just hard to believe that I would be xSTJ or ISTP, ESTP maybe somehow perhaps... sports and gambling, no.
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