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Hey guys,
I'm new to MBTI, and I was wondering if you could help type me.
I've typed mainly as INFP, INFJ and INTJ.
Most recently I took the test provided here and got this result;

Introverted (I) 71.43% Extroverted (E) 28.57%
Intuitive (N) 61.11% Sensing (S) 38.89%
Feeling (F) 67.86% Thinking (T) 32.14%
Judging (J) 67.65% Perceiving (P) 32.35%

Your type is: INFJ

If it helps, here are some things I am/do;
-Extroverted around friends, but shy around others
-Like to help people
-Into writing and singing
-Don't have a tolerance for people who walk all over other people, nor for the people being walked all over.
-Suck at art, but appreciate it
-Can be a little annoying/clingy, but I recognize that and will try to improve.
-Often get called weird, or strange. I know these things, and I won't change them
-Prefer to hang around with males, but have two close female friends.
-Despite being shy, I'm not afraid to be blunt with something
-I have tested as enneagram type 4 with the stacking of spsosx although I'm not entirely sure what this means yet
-Very sensitive
-Care about others a lot, even if I don't always let on that I do
-Highly academic, but modest about success

I hope you guys can help :)
Thank you in advance.

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"-Extroverted around friends, but shy around others" This is not a factor of introversion/extroversion. An introvert can be sociable around friends and an extrovert can be shy around others.

-Witty" Again, this doesn't seem like a factor of introversion/extroversion

-Motivated/organised" While this COULD be something related to MBTI, have you looked into enneagram? Put a pinhole in this one for now.

-Like to help people
-Into writing and singing" Same as above.

-Don't have a tolerance for people who walk all over other people, nor for the people being walked all over." Mmmm.

I'm not an expert, but you seem like an INFJ type one with two, or at least have three in your tritype as well.

If you typed as four, that could be likely as well. Perhaps you're one with two four with three and nine with eight.

I'm not expert though, so I'll leave room for discussion amongst others.


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Thank you for your help.
Some things, I do admit, I added just to give people a better idea of who I am as a person, some one to visualise if they were going to put into a situation, etc.

Enneagram doesn't interest me as much as MBTI, but I can look into it :)

Thank you for your help

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Here is the questionnaire answers;

Scenario 1;
At first, when he'd broken up with me, I'd feel scared, afraid and like I wasn't good enough.

When I hear that they've been diagnosed with cancer, I'd be grief stricken. I'd understand why they broke up with me, and feel guilt for being selfish and not thinking about them.

I'd support them through the process, but hold back my feelings towards them to avoid hurting them.

I feel like this because I've obviously cared about them for so long. My motivations behind these feelings and wanting to help are pure. I'd pretty much stop caring for myself at this point, and try to make him feel okay.

Scenario 2;
I would agree to help them, because it would make them happy, and hopefully they'd learn a lesson from it. I do this just to help, but hope they do it on their own next time.

I would feel a little used, as they hadn't asked for help all semester, but had suddenly had all this use for me. I'd push these aside, and stew about them later.

The things that stand out in this situation are that they had only suddenly wanted help, but hadn't really wanted anything to do with me before hand.
Another thing that is stronger is that they were struggling, and I don't want people to struggle.

The flow of my decision making process is a lot of things rushing through my head. A lot of conflicting thoughts and ideas in a strange pattern. Eventually, and with great struggle, I'd knock each out, the way a fox would do to a flock of sheep. I'd eventually settle on helping him, because I've already finished my assignment, what harm could it do me?

Scenario 3;
I would first be more inclined to go with the first, that is, until I see teamwork. The idea of making a big impact on the company makes me happy, but I always end up pulling the load in a team. The second sounds rather boring, but I'm quite motivated, and if it is so narrow, I could do it fast enough that I could also help with project number 1, if need be.

The teamwork, obviously, has the largest effect. Just because it's easier for me to get feedback from people I'm not working with, and it's hard for me to see crappy ideas go in place of a good idea, and because I'm not always the loudest person, I can't really tell them that.

Scenario 4

In this situation, I'd be thinking about whether the ideas can be improved, or changed, to better suit the criteria. I'd suggest new things in a nice way, and if rejected, I would feel hurt. If someone presented an idea which didn't suitor was plain silly, I'd just suggest more changes to it, until we had something we could work with, so I didn't hurt their feelings. My behaviour is driven this way because everyone's ideas are important, but perhaps not fully developed. I can't see in their head, the way they vision it could be genius.
Scenario 5
Ah, yes, the week is over! This is where I sit down and watch some movies, read a book, and enjoy some snacks. Mainly because I get so drained from doing extra things which will help further me in life, every now and then it's nice to stay still, and be able to have no one relying on you.
I draw non-physical energy from being alone, not being told what to do, and being able to veg out and just, be. Be able to think and throw ideas and scenarios around to myself, or be absorbed in someone else's.

Scenario 6;
This is hard for me to narrow down.
In no order;
-Actor because it's fun to become someone else, and because it would give me a way to voice opinions to a large amount of people, and be able to use the fame for good
-Psychologist because the human brain is interesting, and it would be nice to view it from a feeling perspective
-Teacher because I can imagine it would be a rewarding job with some freedom, but also a lot of schedule, which is awesome for me. I could also do it a lot better than some of my teachers, and learn from their mistakes.

It was at first hard for me to pick 3, but in the end I realized that a lot of the listed jobs were sciency or analytical, which I'd be terrible at. So, by process of elimination, I came down to these 3 :) Counsellor nearly made the cut, but I decided teacher because it's 1am, and I'm pretty honest by 1am.
The things that mattered most seemed to be making sure the job was both right for me, and rewarding for both the client and I.

Scenario 7;
I first noticed the beautiful green of the trees, with the light on it, and how it contrasted so greatly with the canyon. I then noticed the dark water, and my mind began to sprout ideas of symbolism with society, etc, and I told it to shhh because it's 1am, and I don't feel like being in a made up world right now.

I think I focused on these because they were different, they captured my eye.

This photo appeals to me because the area looks beautiful, but also enclosed and private. I can only imagine the splashing about and creatures living throughout the trees, and in the water.

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