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Hello, i am really confused about my type so i am going to give some facts about myself to help you type me :

- i have some mood swings problems (one day happy, others angry..)

- i do not open up quickly to new people i'm an introvert

- if i am really close to someone, like, extremely close to someone; i can be childish and playfull BUT only with people that are close to me

- when i start doing something i don't finish it

-i am addicted to my phone or any kind of technology

- people see me as insensitive, blunt, moody, responsible, independent, cold, harsh talking, grumpy, rude, funny, witty, sarcastic, logical and not being like some female stereotype.

- my mom told me that when i was young i hated hugs and wiped my cheek or made a disgusted face each time she kissed me

- if i feel someone is starting to become cold to me i instantly reject this person.

- i have a tendency to love, hate, love, hate etc... someone.

- secretly, i care about my appearence and what people think about me.

- i never were affected of rejection

- i was a loner in primary and middle school.

- i am quite maudlin

- i have the ability to instinctively know that something bad is going to happen : danger alert.

- i could never stay with someone for long, i wish i had a long lasting friendship (but that's a secret)

- i am not really good in social situation, i hate it when i am forced to talk or have to talk in public.

- i have a tendency to admire the beauty of a place, no matter where i am.

- i hate it when people tell me that i'm shy and need to oppen up

- i'm a smart student with bad grades.

- when i was 6-10 years old i liked to read encyclopedies.

-when i ask a question i hate "maybes" or "i don't know go search on googles"

- i find it hard to find something to commit to (a fandom, a person, a project etc..)

- i usually think about the future (only about practical things : careers), but i'm much more present oriented.

- if someone said something that wasnt pleasant to hear for me i tell them directly.

- i learn things quickly something if accuratly explained.

- i usually think what i am going to say, because i hate appearing stupid

- i don't cry easily, unless i'm really angry.

- i am... quite cool blooded and agressive at the same time.

- i hate stories that are too detailed but when i ask questions i need clear answers

- i don't like answering dumb questions

- i always think mentally and not outloud

- i don't like repeating myself

- i can feel guilty, sad, enthusiatic but i rarely show it. I keep my emotions back and then they come back stronger

- i can't advise people on an emotional level.

- if someone said something or wrote something wrong, i feel the need to correct them.

- i just wish i couls ever oppen up emotionally to someone, talk about what i feel, think without having thing stupid fear of looking like an idiot or weakling in front of them.

- i can sometimes be jealous of people that are themselves and do not care about other people's view, because i hide my true nature behing icebergs. And appear unemotional.

Thank you for your help.

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This is more like a trait list of a character. Filling questionnaire would be more insightful.
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