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Please help me type this guy!

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Sorry. Whew, this is really long. I just can't figure out the type of one of my good friends, and I was hoping you could help me. I decided it would be helpful if I went into detail about his characteristics:

• Serious, cold, and aloof around people he is unfamiliar with. Does not show interest in others until they approach him/show interest in him first. Once someone initiates the contact, it isn’t long before he is smiling, witty, spontaneous, and even giddy around them. He often tries to catch the eye of these select few, cracking jokes and obviously trying really hard to make them laugh. This is why I think he’s an introvert, though he often gets so talkative around his friends and me that many of our teachers seem to wish he would shut up.
• When I first met him, it seemed that he was an unhappy or even snobby sort of person. My first impression of him was that he was actually somewhat strange. An example: One day I wore these peacock feather earrings to school, and I thought it was kind of weird when he complimented them. Not that it wasn’t nice of him or that I didn’t appreciate it. It just didn’t seem like the typical sort of thing for a guy to do, and plus, we didn’t really know each other that well at the time, so I wasn’t expecting him to talk to me.
• Now that I know him better, I can still say that while he wants to fit in, he isn’t afraid to be unique. Like he’ll shout out with pride that his favorite color is purple.
• Likes to entertain. He’s involved with some of the school plays. However, it doesn’t seem like he does it with the intention to impress others. It seems like he does it because he enjoys doing it. He never asks the director or his fellow actors for feedback, and while he’s had many starring roles, he never invites our friends to see his performances. He’s not afraid of public speaking- he’s actually pretty good at it. However, he can be difficult to hear sometimes.
• Athletic and based on what I’ve seen, very artistic. I saw a painting of his for a school project, and it was very impressive.
• It seems like he is aloof more because of the desire to be alone rather than discomfort in social situations.
o He seems to value and respect others’ time alone. For instance, one time he texted me asking what I was doing, and when I told him I was reading, he apologized for interrupting and told me he would stop bothering me. Most extraverts I know would have asked me what book I was reading instead of even considering that they could be interrupting me. He, however, did not show any curiosity to what book it was until I reassured him that he wasn’t bothering me.
• However, sometimes he appears extraverted because he often seems to act without thinking. Like he had this huge crush on this girl, and he even told people about it before it even seemed like they knew each other. And as soon as he got her number, he would text her for hours and even tell her that she could never bore him. A week or two later, he asked her out even though she was still in a relationship.
• He always leans in and looks me in the eyes when we’re having a conversation. When he isn’t looking me in the eye it’s because I’m not facing him, and I’m staring at the wall while I’m talking to him.
• His sense of humor really reminds me of our friend’s (who is an INFP.) He LOVES irony, coincidences, and puns. He enjoys finding connections between somewhat unrelated things. This led me and the INFP to thinking he was intuitive, but after she had many conversations over text with him, she was convinced he was actually a sensor. It was because their conversation had led her to start ranting about how much it would suck for someone to be allergic to water; how it could probably lead to death, and he responded, “Geez, you think a LOT about what could happen.”
• Shows a lot of empathy for people who are physically hurt, asking them if they’re okay even when it’s somewhat obvious that they’ve already recovered and they’re absolutely fine.
• I had wanted to just have him take the test online, but I couldn’t send him the link because he said he doesn’t have an email cause he finds it annoying how you constantly have to check it all the time. He also says he’s too lazy to delete text messages, and plus, he doesn’t want to cause he wants to remember the conversation.
• He seems like a feeler because he has on many occasions described me as “nice”, which doesn’t seem to be typical of a thinker. He’s also mentioned being bullied on several occasions, even by girls. His usual reason for not liking a person is because they bullied him. However, he may not be a feeler, because he describes his brother, who is probably ESTx , as “annoying”.
• One time he pulled out his phone and started showing me photos of his family members and his dog and telling me stuff about them-their names, what they’re like, how long he’s known them, how they’re related, etc. This could be perfectly normal for any person to do, I don’t know. Being 68% introverted, I’ve never had someone share their photo album with me before, so that’s why I found this interesting.
• He seems like a perceiver because he seems to put play before work, and he seems to have an easy-going attitude. However, he could actually be a judger because he is a straight-A student, and he seems to care about his performance in school.
• My first guess about his type was ISFP, and I think it could still work, but I’m not entirely sure. It seems as if I have arguments for every preference. Like ISFP’s he seems to have an interest in animals, but I don’t know if his interest is any greater than the average person’s.