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I've taken the test multiple times and have been flip flopping betweej a few different types. I know for sure that I am a feeling type but everything else is up in the air. I will try to write as many personality traits as I can think of if you'd be willing to help me. Feel free to ask any questions that might help!

  1. I am a very open minded, nonjudgemental, and accepting person
  2. I try my best to make others feel comfortable
  3. if someone does something embarrassing I often feel embarrassed for them
  4. I am very stubborn (once a guy came to my house unexpectedly to ask me out on a date after I had rejected him the day before. Some would find this romantic but i found it annoying and manipulative and refused)
  5. I express myself better in writing than words
  6. I'm good at public speaking but not if it's improv
  7. In classroom environments I am more likely to absorb other people's ideas rather than share my own
  8. People are often surprised at how cool I am once i begin talking to them
  9. If I am in a group and one of us needs to speak up or ask a question I am usually the one to take charge and do it
  10. I don't care what people besides my close friends think of me
  11. buuuut i do thrive off of hearing other people's opinions of me
  12. sometimes i may talk about 2 seemingly unrelated things one after the other but the train of thought makes sense in my head
  13. i often point out the obvious
  14. if i ask a question and it's answered i often forget the answer and reask it
  15. people come to me for advice and i'm a good listener
  16. i adapt my advice as to who it's going to (with some people i can be blunt, with others i need to "dress up" the advice or give less specific advice)
  17. i can turn my emotions on or off
  18. i am very mellow and think rules are things that can always be bent
  19. i procrastinate and do best under pressure
  20. I get distracted easily and lose track of time
  21. I'm constantly late
  22. I hate when people are overly dramatic and wish they could just calm down
  23. I am an open person and feel comfortable sharing things, even with people I've just met
  24. I am pessimistic and this sometimes annoys people, when I realize I'm annoying them however, I do my best to stop and make them happy again
  25. I constantly run stories and other fantasies through my head and feel as though I am closer to the people in them

Oh also, I'm a 2w3 if that helps

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I'm leaning towards ENFP. Originally I thought you could possibly be an Fe dominant, so ESFJ or ENFJ, but after rereading that just doesn't seem to be the case. It was probably just the 2w3 speaking. I saw quite a bit of Ne and inferior Si.
This explains the cognitive functions and how they can be determined from the MBTI's four letter type code.
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