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;) Please? It would be awesome if you could help type my friend. I sense some issues have risen....

I have a feeling he might be ESTP? but who knows.

- Very focused when it comes to his career. He is very career orientated. It's his number one goal.

- Likes to brag about his achievements... a lot. Haha!! ;)

- Not easily upset.

- Quite laid back most of the time... unless it has to do with work or his career.

- If he wants something, he will work his damn hardest to get it

- While not one for conflict, my friend isn't afraid to dish out the brutal truth.

- Not easily freaked out. I find it impossible to freak him out and boy, have I tried! No matter what kind of weird shit comes out, he just grins and moves on.

- Thinks before he leaps. Is prepared for a risk but only if he has done a ton of organising before hand.
- Puts work before relationships

- Image obsessed - looking good and looking the part.

- Money, money, money. All about earning big bucks and having a nice big house, car etc

- Definitely does not want to get married or have children. Like stated earlier, he is driven by his career.

- Very aware of his surroundings. Uses north, east, west and south in conversation when describing a location... so bizarre! :crazy:

- Enjoys creating social connections. Going out and all that jazz... but saying that, he also enjoys solitude... but much more of the former, I believe.

- Likes to talk and gossip. Haha. Boring.


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I'll pass on this. Sorry. :unsure:

I probably could make some guesses, but trying to type him through both my own and your bias, seems risky. I think you are much better off trying to do the typing yourself, and then referring back here on the forum if you have any specific questions or observations that you would like a second opinion on...
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