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I decided to start a thread with some of the poems I have recently written. If there is any genuine interest or fellow feeling (preferably) I will post more, with the exception of Love poems which I feel to be too sacred and sentimental to share with anyone but the Beloved.

"A Hope Secure"

Weakened Hearts do bleed and break
But die not from the pain
Broken hearts do sigh and groan
But like a rainless cloud do roam
By faith and love guided through the day

Oh sweet shattered Hearts
Turn to Him
Let careless pain wash away
in silent gloom
And for a broken Heart
is a lot of room
To mend it with His love

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A vain disease? I hope not... No replies yet I'm posting another poem. And if it perturbed anyone as to my starting a thread rather than posting it on the "thy poetry" thread, the reason is simply that the archaic use of "thy" caused me to be averse to posting my poetry there. Perhaps that's silly of me..... anyways, I'll probably end up having an Ecclesiastical moment some time in the near future and destroy this thread or these poems if it is at all within my power to do so. _Poet

"A Lament for One Long Dead"

Oh sweet Shelley!
The milky thunderbolts of living leaves you reigned
Secular poesy of the highest strain!
I can but praise you for your Art
Which like a volcano burning spilled straight from the Heart
And of Adonais could I speak the same
Though had you dropped the s upon that name
You would have been one who saw the light
Instead of haunting shadows plastered upon
your aching soul and brain.

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Title: Women
Written by: Me
Date: Right now

like a serial killer, she's born in disguise
can't find the heat, no, her love won't rise
hunting down trophies, she's all covered in lies
once you're caught, she will be your demise

on the wall behind her jukebox she's got your heart in a frame
she can't forget, no, on the bottom she's signed down your name
why there's no dust there's no trust there's no intricate fame
why if she must it's for lust it's for her own personal gain

for each day passing you thought she was strife
heath my warning, doesn't matter if she's your girlfriend or wife
in the basement she's got it covered, she's sharpening her knife
she will find your ass, now, you better run for your life

thank you, thank you *bow* *leave the stage*

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Nevermind... I'm an idiot. Sorry if you read what I wrote before.

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I drown in your deep, dark eyes
Sucked in a sea of bliss
Oh to die! Swimming in your eyes
would be my fondest wish.
Forgive me your magnetic power
Calling in untimely hours
to bring me straight to you

I decided to post a love-poem here anyway because chances are i'll never be able to read it to her. Maybe somehow she'll read it someday.
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