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I have been wrestling to figure out whether I am an INTP or an INFP ever since I first got into all this MBTI thing. Usually, I say I'm a "borderline" INTP-INFP, but still there are times when I feel I am clearly one type or the other. My Introversion, iNtuition, and Perception "parts" (pardon my limited vocabulary) are all very clear, but I am stumped about whether I am a Feeler or a Thinker. I have also considered my cognitive functions, but have found myself to be stumped with those as well (I once took a cognitive functions test, resulting in a "based on the results from this test, your personality type is most likely: Unknown")

Every time I take a Myers-Briggs test, the question that is most difficult for me to answer is the "Do usually trust reason or feelings?" one. I find it incredibly vague and simply can not make my mind up about it. What does it mean, then, to "think" as opposed to "feel"? What are some things a T-dominant person might do that an F person might not, and vice versa? I think I have a decent grasp on what makes one person a Thinker or a Feeler, but when it comes to my own person, I end up confused and frustrated. I think that sometimes the line between these two functions is somewhat diffuse.

Thus, I shall leave here a description of things I do and not do, and also some of my values and non-values that might aid some more knowledgeable person here in helping me figure this out. Here I go:

I consider myself a very understanding, calm, and empathetic person. I dislike fights and disharmony and often try to use humor or good-natured advice when I feel tension rising in a discussion. I often sign up for more things than I can handle, simply because I think I will be able to do the most help and spare someone discomfort. I tend to feel compassion towards inanimate objects, and at night I feel as if I need to be cuddled by someone. I have two best friends, one of them is a person and the other is my dog. I love art and have been drawing ever since I can remember. I love poetry and literature and I was even admitted to one of those Humanities magnet schools in 6th grade. I find reading poetry and literature that has depth and dimension to it to be an exhilarating and wonderful experience. It is ridiculously easy for me to "read" people or to figure out what they might be thinking, and am often correct although I usually am somewhat paranoid over whether or not I might my judgments of them are right or not. It is too easy for me to feel guilty or ashamed with myself about hurting people's feelings or putting them down, and often try to fix my misdoings with actions rather than words. I care deeply about my (few) friends and love my mother and dogs more than anything in the world. Every time I am out in nature (which I often am) I write and write and write inside my mind using the most colorful imagery I can find, often using this in metaphorical ways to discuss our relationship to nature and wonder about the ephemeral and empty nature of life. I see and create art everywhere, thinking about composition and meaning and anatomy. It is incredibly difficult for me to get angry, and when I do it is rarely explosive or uncontrollable.

On the other hand, I greatly value the use of logical arguments as persuaders. I dislike appeals to emotions and during an discussion I am rarely swayed by them. When presenting an argument I research and collect data about it obsessively, making sure all my facts are right. I have a knee-jerk reflex to correct someone when something they say is incorrect in some way, no matter how small (it is incredibly difficult for me to repress this reflex in consideration for the person). Emotionally irrational people drive me insane. It is easy for me to see and consider both sides of an argument, even if I do not necessarily agree with either of them. I refrain from joining in a discussion about a controversial subject unless I have thoroughly researched the subject on my own and have all my facts straight. I tend to question my own beliefs quite often. It is easy for me to see logical inconsistencies in arguments. As I said before, I care deeply about people and am a very easygoing person who believes in talking as opposed to fighting, but I sometimes seem aloof and at times even cold to other people. I often think and feel at the same time, considering both things and holding them as equals until I analyzed them profoundly. This means that I make decisions based on how they will affect people as much as how logical and reasonable they are.

What do you think?
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