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It was the month of July. He felt the sweat break on his brow. 'The hell did I chose to stay in this godforsaken place over summer...'. The tractor motors hummed in the distance. He looked sideways at his dog, then got up. 'Alright, time for work'. Luffy, the cocker spaniel perked his ears at the sound of the keys rustling. He nodded and the dog followed obediently. Out of the door they went; the sun high up on the sky and not a leaf moving. 'This is going to be a long day', he said. And indeed it would.

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Lost Again

Lost in the chasm of whispers
I've drifted for so long and these hands
The pain of their blisters
Has vanished deep in these sands
Of trying and trying but never dying
And never reaching the place
That they dream of but only lying
To themselves could the pain be erased,
Oh woe is the weary, but can he finally rest?
Prayers to the Gods but again
Silence is the response but they say it's a test!
How many Ave Maria's, shall I count to ten?
But all I ask is to find meaning
And to put an end to this cycle
Of hope then despair and feeling
The circle of this endless trifle...

I'm lost again.
I'm lost once more.
How long again till I find my way.
God only knows till I live that day.

But wisdom dictates life is suffering...
It hurts and I'm exhausted...
But such is life...
Such is life...

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From Birth to Antiquity

Conceived in the chaos of fervor,
Born into the established order,
The new heart beats like a timer,
Desire the sentient driver.

Causes and effects linked by purpose,
Experience my connection to the surface,
Defining my existence,
Destiny the eventual terminus.

Soul seeking meaning,
Free will my only friend,
Until the end when the clock stops ticking,
No regrets I hope to attend.

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what is life but a long, sometimes weary journey
with it's paths and pitfalls along the way
but to find a friend to walk with you
we can find heaven in a day

a hand to help you up when you fall down
a shoulder to offer to lean upon
a crazy dance together enjoyed in the rain
love like no other to feed on

for what is life without love and friendship the same
but a sad and lonely trip
without friends in this world
oh how our tears drip

isolation breeds insanity
we need each other to stay sane
so let's everyone walk together peacefully on this road of life
and none of us would have lived or died in vain
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