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It was the month of July. He felt the sweat break on his brow. 'The hell did I chose to stay in this godforsaken place over summer...'. The tractor motors hummed in the distance. He looked sideways at his dog, then got up. 'Alright, time for work'. Luffy, the cocker spaniel perked his ears at the sound of the keys rustling. He nodded and the dog followed obediently. Out of the door they went; the sun high up on the sky and not a leaf moving. 'This is going to be a long day', he said. And indeed it would.

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Lost Again

Lost in the chasm of whispers
I've drifted for so long and these hands
The pain of their blisters
Has vanished deep in these sands
Of trying and trying but never dying
And never reaching the place
That they dream of but only lying
To themselves could the pain be erased,
Oh woe is the weary, but can he finally rest?
Prayers to the Gods but again
Silence is the response but they say it's a test!
How many Ave Maria's, shall I count to ten?
But all I ask is to find meaning
And to put an end to this cycle
Of hope then despair and feeling
The circle of this endless trifle...

I'm lost again.
I'm lost once more.
How long again till I find my way.
God only knows till I live that day.

But wisdom dictates life is suffering...
It hurts and I'm exhausted...
But such is life...
Such is life...

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From Birth to Antiquity

Conceived in the chaos of fervor,
Born into the established order,
The new heart beats like a timer,
Desire the sentient driver.

Causes and effects linked by purpose,
Experience my connection to the surface,
Defining my existence,
Destiny the eventual terminus.

Soul seeking meaning,
Free will my only friend,
Until the end when the clock stops ticking,
No regrets I hope to attend.

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The Curious Case of Patient 143444 Onboard MV Quarantine

MV Quarantine, off the shore of the island of Palawan, Philippines, was the largest quarantine ship in the world. It was built in the late 2020 to house not only more than a hundred thousand people, but animals of all kinds, especially native and endangered species. Hence it was stationed at one of the most biodiverse islands and was a joint project of the departments of Natural Resources, Tourism and Health. The Philippine government, fearing a crisis worse than COVID-19, stockpiled more than ten years worth of food, medicine, and other resources in the ship. This worst case scenario materialized in late 2022 with the SARS3 outbreak in the middle of World War 3. The captain of the ship decided it best to sail into the open sea, avoiding all contact with the warring outside world for the foreseeable future.

On day 1111 from leaving the Philippine shores, an accounting of all humans, "Patients" as they were called, in the ship was done. One patient was missing, and after hours of checking and double checking the Patients deck, the doctors asked around if there were any deaths or runaways. Someone who was originally from the Palawan Tourism Office told one of the doctors,
"My friend from Manila has been living in the Animals Deck for months now. She's been staying in the snake pit lately. She had gone totally wild since last year and won't talk to me anymore."

The Doctor and the Friend asked the assistance of an Animal Trainer and went to the snakes' corner. The Patient was not there. They found her in the big cats' area, naked and seemingly trying to grab tigers for mating.
*Come on, I just want to cuddle! The snakes are very playful, but they're cold. I want a warm body! Cuddle cuddle cuddle!*

The Trainer tried to pull her away from the tigers and got pushed and scratched.
*What's this furless animal? I don't want it. Not warm enough for cuddles.*

When the Trainer tried again, she was met with a ferocious attack by the girl gone wild. The Doctor helped her in pinning the Patient down. The Friend looked away and there were tears in her eyes.

"My goodness, she's worse than some lions I encountered. Thanks for the help, Doc."
"What are we going to do about her?"
"Well, she's too wild right now to be brought to the Patients Deck. I could train her for a month or so, but I'll need your help."
"All right, let's do that."

For several weeks, the Trainer and the Doctor tuaght the Patient to do simple things for the sake of a small reward, usually food, but sometimes chew toys. That way, they lured her away from the wild animals and into the farm animals' corner, where it was much safer for everyone, and her Friend could visit. The Patient still squatted on all fours, but moved fairly quickly. Once the Patient got settled into the farm animals' corner, the Trainer made her do more complicated tasks and gave warm hugs instead of food for reward. But the Patient, instead of using her arms for hugging, would rub her face and side on the Trainer's work pants, like a giant, affectionate, domesticated cat. She had gotten used to seeing her "tall and furless" visitors every day, and would greet them with happy yipping sounds.
*Play! Play! Friend! Friend!*

Sometimes, the Trainer would try to get the Patient to stand on two feet like a normal human. Sometimes, the Doctor would try to get the Patient to talk like a normal human. But for months she would do neither, so mostly they just played there, teeaching her colors and shapes through games and puzzles. Sometimes they would play with the other animals too, and she became playful and affectionate with the domesticated dogs and cats. She loved them all, humans and animals alike.

There was a typhoon outside one day, so it was very cold, and the Friend decided to bring a set of warm clothes for the Patient. The Trainer and the Doctor gave the Patient a bath and put the clothes on her. They were pink and purple, warm and pretty. She looked pretty. Her Friend combed and fixed her hair. They took a picture together, all four of them. The Patient looked almost like a normal human.

They continued their efforts for the rest of the year, not really thinking about it as work. They feed, bathe, clothe the Patient. They teach and play with her. That was the routine. Then they successfully got her to walk on her feet upright. She felt so weird, so tall, but the view from there was new and interesting. She got so used to it, that she would stand up as soon as she heard or saw her human friends coming. She would stand and go "yip yip yip" like she always did. But still, she would not respond to words, or try to speak. She only responded to actions, and made sounds and gestures from the heart - happy, sad, hungry, satisfied, cold, warm, playful, cuddly.

One bright but windy day, the Friend, Doctor, and Trainer, decided to bring Patient 143444 up to the Humans Deck. Her behavior there would determine if she will be given a normal human room, a patient's room. There was an escalator that only Guards could operate. A guard was stationed at the Animals Deck, and another was assigned to the Humans Deck. The Friend and the Trainer took the Patient to the elevator, the Doctor supervising. The moment they got outside, the light of the sun came almost blinding, and the wind whipped on them, bringing the fresh scent of the sea. Aside from the guard, they had the outside area all for themselves.

After a few seconds of shock and awe, the Patient ran with all her might to the railing. As soon as she smelled and heard and saw the ocean, she just wanted to jump in it. The Friend and the Trainer could not distract her or pull her back; she was so strong. When it seemed that the Patient would climb on the railing, the Trainer jumped on her, grabbing her shoulders and falling to the floor with a loud thump. The Doctor called the Guard for help, and soon there were two people pinning the struggling and screaming Patient down, with the Trainer lying on her back, injured and crying. The Doctor came with a needle, and in a few minutes, the Patient stopped fighting and fell asleep.

The Friend, Trainer and Doctor cried over their failed attempt to humanize the wild Patient while two Guards bound her hands and feet. She was brought back down to the Animals Deck by the two Guards, and left in the farm animals section without taking off the ropes. When she woke up the next day, she screamed at the top of her lungs and scared the farm animals, so the Guards dragged her to the snake pit, the farthest area from the domesticated animals and from human hearing.

Her friends visited her in the afternoon, bringing her food and treats and toys, but she did not respond to anything except with growls and angry shouts at them. The next day, they found her food uneaten, and replaced it. She still would not eat, although her screams weakened and she looked at them with sad, tearful eyes.

On the third day, the Patient's screams could not be heard any more. Fearing the worst, the Friend, the Trainer and the Doctor hurried to the reptiles' corner and took off her binding. The Doctor checked her pulse. She was weak, but still alive. She seemed to be awake, eyes open, barely responding or moving. Another day without food or drink and she would be dead, so they gave her milk from a bottle, which she refused at first. It was only when she'd fallen asleep that they were able to feed her.
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