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Whoever I am.
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Who am I you say
I thought I knew who I was when I looked at the water's mirror this morning.
When I washed my face and looked into my eyes. I saw the innerworkings of a curious mind.
I saw the the thoughts of what I long to find. Tossed to and fro like a person on the wind.
I am on a leaf so fragile like my emotions gliding along the sky of possibilities.

I already know who I am I say but then I came to a place where more questions arise I had my eyes glued to the screen as thoughts raced through my mind. Am I this? or am I more like that?... will I know by a drop of a hat? Will I be searching for years to come?.. will I know what tune I should hum?
Will I be a wonderer from tribe to tribe?... as I still have questions in my weary mind?
Where do I lay in this world of surprise...?
Will I ever know my type?
Or do I have stripes not knowing the others who has stripes like mine.
Wasn't born with a stamp so I could find my kind.
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